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Rose Hill, Bluffton South Carolina,  sits on 2000 acres in Bluffton, South Carolina. It is has two separate security gates, one for each half of the community on either side of Highway 278. One side is commonly called The "golf side" and other the "estate or equestrian side" There are about 1000 ...
With all that's going on in congress, with arguments over money and politics as usual, I thought this post would bring us back to how we remain free...   There are more Marine Corps Flags that adorn the front of homes then I can count—and the number of American Flags that wave along so many of ou...
As the world watches the idiots in Washington D.C. who are on the brink of selling us out and voting us into a socialistic democracy, I can hear people from across the globe saying, "See the American Way doesn't work, more government has always been the answer." Or, "don't they get it?Haven't th...
The Senate is expected to vote at about 5:30 p.m. EST on Monday to limit the debate on the stimulus package. Democrats, who control the Senate with 58 seats, need 60 votes to end debate and they have picked up support from at least three Republican senators. Republican Senators Susan Collins, Arl...
The "Spending Bill" Passed 244-188. It's not the best solution for getting our economy going.  I have a better solution. We are a nation of consumers, not producers. We buy goods manufactured in foreign countries from factories who employ low cost labor and beat our brains out on price. This is p...
THEY ARE VOTING ON THIS MOTHER OF ALL GOVERNMENT SPENDING PACKAGES ON WEDNESDAY JANUARY 28, 2009 I think this so called stimulus package is an outrage and an assault on our freedoms. To me it amounts to taxation with insane representation. Each dollar the government spends comes from where? US.  ...
I think Obama has done some terrible things and has opened this country up to: attacks by extermists, opened the floodgates for abortion and is moving us along to socialism faster than we think. Closing Gitmo is a bad idea. It means we aren't going to get information which is gotten on a continuo...
The local news promotes one thing. Bad news. Bad news creates bad attitudes and causes us to fear--if we choose to listen, Now is the time to turn off the news and focus on  What matters most to you. Here are four thought-starters for fighting the negative news and surviving the economic cycle. 1...
We are a busy people. Often, we have no time for the most important person in our lives, the living God.If I miss my time with God, I can tell you , may day just does not go as well as it could. In the book of Exodus, God goes to great lengths to lay out His plan for Worship: the plan for the pri...
Here are just two major suggestions that can go a long way to helping home sellers reduce the days that their homes remain on the market. (1) Price your home to sell, not sit. In mid-December, I listed a home in Rivers End (Okatie). Rivers End is a small subdivision outside of Bluffton in Okatie,...

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