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To some location is every thing. It’s very important when evaluating your house. Where is your house located in your neighborhood? Are places you need to go in walking distance?  Is it far away from the local school? Do I approve of the neighborhood? These are a few of the things you need to ask ...
When I first got into real estate, an older agent told me the best time to buy is always today. He meant today you know what the market is doing, but it may change over night. This is because of constant changes in market conditions. These changes can happen on a day to day basis. As you might al...
 The value of a house fluctuates often, based on many situations. The condition of the home, changing market conditions, and location are a few of the minor things that factor in., it become difficult due to these factors to answer the question, "How much is my home worth?" This makes figuring ou...
 Med. School In El PasoBy John RogersEl Paso, TX Real EstateTexas Tech University is trying to open a four-year medical school in El Paso Texas. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center currently provides medical school education for the last two years of a four-year program. Students have to...
It’s about time someone did something. Texas is finally trying to pass legislation to conduct random drug testing on student athletes in school. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2002 that random drug testing is legal. Now I know some of you are saying not my baby, no way do we have a problem here?...
Horizon City GrowingBy John RogersEl Paso Real EstateYes I said it Horizon City is growing. For those of you who don’t know Horizon City is a community of 9,655 residents located just east of El Paso Texas. It’s no longer that small town you pass through just before you hit El Paso driving throug...
Hello everybody, I made a comment on one of Ken Smiths (full of good advice) posts earlier to day about tracking the traffic to your site for print ads. Now I know a lot of you don’t use print ads anymore but if you do this may help. A lot of your sites allow you to track where your traffic is co...
A seller once asked me should I hold an open house when trying to sell there home. There last home was sold in another state. The agent they used didn’t hold an open house. In the market we live in I said yes. Some markets don't use this method to sell homes. In El Paso people tend to respond wel...
It's very important to price your home appropriately relative to current market conditions. Because the real estate market is continually changing, and market fluctuations have an effect on property values, it's very important to select your list price based on the most recent comparable sales in...
Here are a few things you might want to do to get your house ready to sellSweep the sidewalk, mow the lawn, prune the bushes, weed the garden and clean debris from the yard. Clean the windows and make sure the paint is not chipped or flaking. Be sure that the doorbell works. Clean and make attrac...

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