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  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. DYLAN Today, May 24th, is the birthday of one Mr. Robert Allen Zimmerman, born this day in 1941, in the town of Duluth Minnesota. Mr. Zimmerman is more widely known to his many friends and fans as Bob Dylan. That means Bob Dylan is just a few months older than myself, and exp...
I reblogged Bob's post for one simple reason. The more people that read the post will STAY AWAY from IE9. Bob was being too kind. So as to be clear, IE9 is a piece of bug ridden "stuff" which will not work properly on the most basic of functions. Stay away. Steer clear. Run away!Like most Windows...
Looks like the worm has turned. The recently lowly Cleveland Cavaliers just won the rights to the NBA’s first draft pick and then struck another piece of luck, coming up with the number 4 pick as well. When LeBron James left, the team really did hit rock bottom, but this one draft could put them...
Vegas Bob likes on line mysteries. This statue actually looks familiar to me, but I know I certainly didn't see it in person. Maybe my re-blog will be seen by someone who can answer Vegas Bob's question. All I see is a long board and a really in shape dude! What Beach does this Statue Stand? By R...
FUNNY SIGNS  Not really Real Estate related. Well, sorta'...sign is outdoors. Michelle saw this funny sign and posted the picture. I wanted to help so here is a link to, get ready now, "" I kid you not. What a Difference a Missing Letter Makes-Speechl...
Alan May does another interesting post, basically about how to interact with clients, anyone really. Extra important in our business, especially right now. I do OK, but I bet Alan does better.  One thing, my bad. At first cursory glance, I thought Alan's button icons were the ends of shotgun shel...
Russel has written yet another interesting blog post. More about business and life in general than our real estate industry, but like I said earlier, an interesting and well illustrated post. This is a reblog, so don't give me credit for anything except finding it! I thought this was a family fri...
Marte writes another great post. And a post the SHOULD BE near and dear to the hearts of us all. In this particular economy there are two things that will help the lead generation. First, define the things that make you different, make you better. Second, get that specific message out to everyone...
John and Kasey really did some research here, and spent a good deal of time describing the various myths (or untruths) connected to buyer agency. This needed re-blogging, so here I go! Read, digest, enjoy and PASS IT ON!Many home buyers unwittingly harm their bargaining power, pay too much, pay u...
Time is money. Time saving links. Lori has sent us a set of really useful links. We all need to (1) save time and (2) still be using these various sites and features. Check out what Lori has posted herein.  Thank her, not me. She did all the work. I was there to re-blog so more AR folks would see...

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