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Paula wrote a nice post about the beautiful Texas Bluebonnets that truly grow "Once a year" in the spring in central Texas. The rest of the folks on Active Rain deserve an other exposure to Paula's post and the spectacular Texas Bluebonnets. It is the Texas State Flower.TEXAS BLUEBONNETS! If you ...
An economic indicator… At least for Tucson AZ. One way you can tell it’s much slower for newcomers moving here ( my main customer base) is to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles. I went yesterday to renew my driver’s license. I had not been there for 5 years. I expected the usual packed parkin...
Great post subject from Rich. Really good message, nicely done graphics. The sign says it all, and pretty well covers the subject matter. I'll add a specific point. Don't watch reality TV. Take that saved time and do something productive!   Visit the site. Buy something, but also read and take it...
Mark writes a great story about methodology and good persistence. He worked hard to make his point, and did indeed finally make his sale. The wife of the buyer is really happy as well. New kitchen.Renting vs Buying adding up the benefits So I decided to go back to some basics for the end of 2011 ...
Karen has exposed the "con artists", and they are mostly in our mind. The only way to do what you need, is to do the actual work. As Karen says, there is NO Magic Bullet. Save yourselves some money. Don't buy into the "Sham-ware" pitch.       I have found the best method for finding new leads, ke...
Charles continues to amaze me at the quality and variety of his blog posts. Water that turns color based on the temperature? I no longer will ask Charles "What's new?" I can actually see a "safety" ad pitch on this device, if the colors are clear enough. If the color is red, be careful!I always f...
Jay strikes again. New construction inspections are a MUST. My inspector and I just did one not long ago(pre drywall) and it was amazing to see what we found. Always inspect! Jay is the best!Like a preposition, a home inspector's job -- on new construction, look under things! In school I learned ...
Oleanders can kill. And do! Thanks, Greg, for the post. We have oleanders all over Tucson. I make it a point to tell my buyers about this toxic plant. I sure wouldn't count on sellers disclosing that fact. I tell them the story about one idiot assistant zoo keeper here, who fed oleanders to two o...
Michael's post gets a re blog for the subject matter, calling attention to a serious yet repairable, safety and fire hazard. This video is so well done it is amazing. Check it out. You'll be glad you did. The video is as much fun to watch (see The Professor) as for the content itself. Michael, gr...
Why homes don't sell. You don't think it could be the pricing, do you??? I love Hank's examples. I'll wager there are sadly too many more to print. I've seen this happen way too often. This is one of the reasons I prefer showing and selling vacant homes over "occupied by the owner" homes that wil...

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