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Mike's got a good tip. My opinion is to always re-key. In this day and age much better to be safe than sorry. Doesn't cost too awfully much and the cost is a lot less than the insurance deductible you'll have if you get robbed. And with no sign of forced entry, the cops are going to be more than ...
Jean-Paul has written a very interesting and intriguing post, I must say. I've actually never given this much thought. OK, no thoughts ever. Now, I'm curious. Good subject content. Wikipedia has all sorts of opinions on origins but no mention of this idea. Now I'll have to wander all over the Int...
Nina has a really well written conversationalist style post, as seen from the eye of the buyer. What would a buyer say, and what would a buyer see, if they were looking at the house of a particular seller? There are some really good specific examples here. Sellers, if that indeed is what you want...
Best foreclosure story yet. I've seen pretty much everything stolen, from a garage door (2 car) to baseboards to carpet padding(they left the carpet rolled up) to A/C's, to an entire kitchen, including all the cabinets and the island. But never a fence. You win! This gets the prize. I don't think...
Anna makes a great point here. Do what you are good at, and do what makes you happy and fulfilled. And don't do things that you know will drive you nuts, or just make you uncomfortable. I only work with buyers. After 15 years I don't mind saying I'm good at it. And one reason is that all my atten...
Don states the obvious here with his post about "The Experienced Agent". I like the analogies with the insurance person referral, the attorney reference or the physician search. And then we come to the buyers and sellers who think nothing of hiring a part time, rank amateur to represent them in a...
Andrea makes a lot of sense here. If we all just could keep up with and follow though with all the great tips and information posted on AR, we'd be super top agents. You almost have to check several times a day to even begin to see all the goodies. I try to check the featured posts at least once ...
Karen got my attention with her headline. It simply mentioned the Bank of America. That's all it takes for me. Read what Karen dug up on this great "Cooperative Short Sale" program of theirs. RITA BOHICA. For those who don't recognize that acronym as used in the military, I'll explain if asked.  ...
WE ALL REMEMBER 9/11 IN OUR OWN WAY. I REMEMBER RICK RESCORLA. I have been thinking about writing this post for a while now. And I know we all knew where we were when we heard about the attacks. And wondered if we had friends or relatives in the planes or in the targets. Later we wondered what to...
Lee and Pamela experimented with Dragon Dictation on their iPad. That encourages me to get Dragon out of the closet in my office and actually install it on my computer, since it should work even better on a regular PC, and, oh yeah, did I mention I can't type! More to come.I experimented with Dra...

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