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I'm doing a re blog on this because my house has four of these alarms. What that means is that hundreds of homes in my neighborhood also have them. By doing a re blog this will wind up warning just that many more people. Wow. Incredible tip. Thank you so much. Off to the store to get new ones!If ...
J.Phillip has had some great posts over the years, with some very interesting subjects, all well written. I don't think, however, he will ever have one as ironic and really funny.  Who'd a thunk it? You would have thought the guy would have kept that story on the down low. Wow!The Wall Street Jou...
Rebekah has written a very extensive missive about how to do your first video. Her posts are all so informative and well written I have no idea where she finds the time to do her "regular" business. This is one super talent. Creating your first video is an exciting step. It can also be challengin...
Deb's correct in her comment that mentions that a lot of the current leads "are shaky at best". The economic news headlines are as responsible for this as the actual economy. My suggestion is to not read the front page of the paper, where the publishers plant the "scary" and attention getting hea...
To Build Or Not To Build....That Is The Question! Rob's post has many steps listed that will help you with building a new home. In most areas land prices are less than in the past and there are some very good established premium quality builders still out there that will build a really great home...
Well, it takes all kinds. Just seems there are more of the "all kinds" out there right now. I don't work with sellers, EVER, and so your story just reinforces my commitment to buyers only. I like happy people.  Once in a while a buyer wants something I am uncomfortable with, like me blowing off a...
LINDA RONSTADT, JIMMY CLIFF, COMMON DENOMINATOR? Not a word of real estate to be found here. Well, except for what I just wrote of course, but still…. Now what on earth could those two musicians have in common, one might ask? Everyone who likes classic rock, and more, knows Linda Ronstadt and he...
Happy Safe and Sane July 4th of July. My opinion is that the average public doesn't need to mess with fireworks. And in Arizona they were all illegal until this year. Thanks to our idiots at the capitol, they legalized a lot of different types. Then the city had to ban all private fireworks due ...
My favorite subjects. "Banks, oh, how I love despise them". Timely post. Just Google "Bank of America fines". Think you'll find just one? Think again. The big three get nailed frequently. They evidently just figure they're too big to really get hammered. The fines are included as just a cost of d...
Wow. Gadhafi’s son needs my help. What should I do?   “Good Day... I am urgently in need of your assistance and commitment on this Business that will benefit both of us, if you are interested and willing to be of assistance and support,then contact me on this email below for more details. Thank ...

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