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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.
 Truck Meet Event this year was set for the Labor Day weekend. Coronavirus has made so many changes to our way of living. I Twould be impossible to even imagine all these changes even a year ago…Social distancing, … This year 4-day event is the 4th in Daytona’s history. It is, probably, the most ...
A young friend of ours is an epidemiologist doctor. We have 4 of them in our county. When the story of no masks reached us, I told my wife that we should not really worry. If needed we could ask her for a couple of masks.Today she called me. She asked whether we had a mask for her. She is working...
I am reading about coronavirus and can’t believe my eyes. We do not need to wear masks. Really?So, the virus can easily spread when people cough, but we do not need to wear masks to protect ourselves.Seems like the only reason they give you is that if we do not stop using them, then professionals...
The Plaza Resort & Spa in the Time of  Hurricane DorianI should have written about the Plaza Resort & Spa long ago, but something was jumping ahead, and there is always never the right time, so I didn’t.In this long period of my MIA, I attended two last Board Meetings and sat through them and lis...
Daytona Condos in 2018There are 543 condos for sale in Daytona Beach Area, which includes Daytona Beach, Daytona Beach Shores, Ormond Beach, Ponce Inlet, South Daytona, Holly Hill, and Port Orange.This is the peak of the slow season, so no wonder prices start from $45K (3 condos for less than $45...
Ran into this image on Twitter.Gosh, people really have a great sense of humor. Of course, I am not talking about Trump. I assume there are way more people who need the Liagra. Some of those people I considered decent a couple of years ago. O, tempora or mores
The Plaza Resort & SpaGot a phone call from a New Yorker. She read my old blog from 2008 about The Plaza Resort & Spa. Wow, that’s a very old one.But The Plaza is still standing, and, funny enough, the units in this condo-hotel are unbelievably affordable. Yes, they are not as they were at the lo...
For 14 years we lived in the Russian Arctic, and it was not a surprise that there we were not getting many friends or relatives to visit us.Now, that we are in Florida, one would think that now we should always have a full house, but it is not really the case.But right now, we have a pleasant exc...
We came to Tel-Aviv's Ben Gurion airport late. We were impatient to meet our Vorkuta, a cold arctic city, friend. He offered to come and meet us at the airport, but we rented a car with a GPS, so I told him I was coming.Boy, was I naïve…GPS was in silent mode. Well, I did not really care. We have...
For years and years, we were planning to go to Israel, and then delaying it. And finally, we went. Lot of people were telling me that I would love Israel, actually only one guy, one of my neighbors, told me that he did not like Israel, and did not recommend us to go there.Of the extended family, ...

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