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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.
Beachside Сondos in Daytona Beach areaThere are currently 1,136 condos for sale in Daytona Beach area as per our Daytona MLS. 369 of them are on the beachside, between the ocean and the Intracoastal (aka Halifax River). Lowest price is $59,900 for a 344 sf-studio. The condo building is across the...
Daytona Beach Condo-HotelsThere are 2,448 condo-hotel units in 14 condo-hotel properties in Daytona Beach area.I am pulling the data from MLS thinking that the lowest priced units would be in Sea Dip Resort. It is an easy prediction to make, as Sea Dip is going through yet another major concrete ...
Oceanside Inn. Market Snapshot and some thoughtsI have written extensively about Oceanside Inn Condo-Hotel. I know this condo-hotel better than some others, as we have a unit here.Today I want to look at the market there. What is available, what are the prices, what to expect…AvailableThere are 1...
Aliki Atrium condominium is only a 27-unit condominium in Ormond Beach, but it is not the one you can discount and pass. It is a 7-story building, but the elevator stops on three levels.All two-bedroom units are in two levels, and 3-bedroom units are in 3 levels. This is how 3 condos put one on t...
Palma Bella is one of 3 condominiums in Costa Bella Collection by Cook Development. This was the last condominium by Cook Development before the crisis hit. By the time the construction was completed, they had quite a few unsold condos. Today it is a thriving beautiful luxury condominium. All uni...
I am posting about Plaza quite regularly. This one is about the inventory, sales, and some fascination with predictions. Active units There are 13 units for sale in The Plaza Resort & Spa. The lowest priced ocean view unit is $45,900. There is another unit for sale for a bit less than $50K makin...
The Plaza Resort & Spa I have wanted to attend a meeting at The Plaza Resort & Spa for years now, but it somehow did not happen until very recently. It was an annual meeting, and you can read about the election here. Here I would like to pay attention to things happening in The Plaza Resort & Sp...
I was not a witness to condo boom in the area. A lot of condos in the area came in the 70s and at that time I was a young man living in the Soviet Union fearing the US.I wrote about The Pendleton Club Condominium a few times lately. I was built in 1963. From my conversations with people, I assume...
The Plaza Resort & SpaI attended the annual meeting of condo owners Association at the Plaza Resort & Spa recently. I communicate with a lot of owners, and I feel a lot of frustration. But I wanted to see and hear the Board members, the management of the resort.Plaza has suffered a serious damage...
Plaza Elections I was very curious about the Plaza elections, as 100 condo units out of 323 units are in the hands of the lender, that got the property from the developer in a bankruptcy case. The lender now owns 100 condo units besides the commercial space and the operation of the resort.There a...

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