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Welcome to the blog of Joseph Elfelt, founder of This blog’s goal is to help people improve their understanding/use of Google maps. I’ll talk about the parcel lines now on Google maps in many areas, the surprising reason why some real estate listing maps show house markers in the wrong spot, tips and techniques for changing the appearance of Google URL maps, how the Google maps API produces maps that look different than Google URL maps, how to highlight property lines on a Google map based on the property legal description and other insights into better mapping.
Second in a series My prior blog post indicated I was next going to describe a mistake many real estate websites make when they display the detailed map for a listing. After starting to write that post I decided to push that topic back and first give a bit of background about Google URL maps. Kno...
First in a series This is the first of several blog entries I intend to write about Google maps. Hopefully these posts will help people learn a bit more about the available options and pitfalls to avoid when working with Google maps. No, I am not going to talk about searching for listings by usin...

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   Joseph Elfelt is the founder of MappingSupport. We are a service business offering to add property line highlighting to the Google maps and Bing maps that real estate websites display as part of the details for a specific listing. Our work is unique since it is based on the property legal description, not the street address. We can easily add highlighting to the property lines of vacant or remote land that does not have any street address assigned. We offer a free sample, free use for all websites of the data we produce, free detailed topographic map with property line highlighting and free code to make this work on your website.
   This blog will address various issues related to the maps a website user sees when they are looking at the details of a parcel listed for sale. My goal is to help you improve the quality of the detail maps on your website whether or not you purchase our property line highlighting service.
   See my profile on LinkedIn.