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I asked the question here on Active Rain recently "How do you set yourself up for a productive week?" I got a lot of feed back from my fellow Active Rain members.Here are some of my favourite replies: "I have my proverbial to-do list and check off items as they are completed"by Doug Dawes "Being ...
Ever heard of the term growth driven design? Possibly you have not. Growth driven design also referred to as GDD is a process used by digital marketing agencies and website agencies that work on growth strategies for their clients.The way GDD works is, rather than designing a website right from t...
One of the most valuable assets that your business holds right now is data. Personal information belonging to your customers and indeed of your employees has become a commodity of cyber criminals over the past number of years. Personal data obtained by cyber criminals gets used for ulterior motiv...
The housing market in Ireland has slumped as a result of a lack of house construction. There has been a lot of red tape over the years that have hampered the mass building of homes that happened between 1999 - 2008. Today I am going to give you a quick overview of the process involved in buying a...
There are so many tech options for making your experience at home so much better! The growth of smart home technology is one thing but there are so many other items that are not necessarily "smart home products" that are now considered essential. In this post I am going to discuss some of the top...
It is so important to take a step back and to appreciate what you have. You might look look at your favourite celebrities and wish you had as much as they do. By chasing dreams and achieving financial goals, you can lose track of what you have and what really matters the most.In this post I am br...
I try hard to stay productive during the working day so that I can get all my tasks completed and generate results for my clients and for my business. In this post I am going to talk about a number of tips that I use to stay productive throughout the day, yet not get stressed as a result of work ...
I recently got my chimney cleaned in my home as I noticed a lot of dirt was falling down after rain showers and the occassional twig would land on my rug near my fireplace. My chimney sweep said I had a bird nesting in my chimney. This was a result of a long time without lighting a fire and that ...
2020 is coming fast and if you have plans on making some home improvements, here are some of the latest bedroom furniture trends. 2020 furniture trends Handleless DrawersA trend for 2020 is handless drawers. I am seeing more and more homes with handless drawers towards the end of 2019. Looks like...
The Holidays are just around the corner. All we see on TV these days are commercials for presents, food and more. What about holiday presents for your home? It is that time of year to share the love with your home and here are some home improvements that you could do this Christmas. Get a new sof...

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