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My Staging works! Staging helps every home look and feel better! Potential buyers can see and feel the difference. My Staging Blog will convey what a Stager does to create this feeling.
The cute little house in the suburb of Ft. Worth, nestled among the tall trees along the Trinity River seemed a port of refuge waiting patiently if needed. It will be needed, the hope of it anyway (we are still in the option period). The dream of becoming a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader was related ...
That is what I thought when a Realtor placed his interior pictures of his listing on the Internet! I'm not only a Stager I am also a Realtor so I am used to this sub-par acceptance, but this was just down right bad! This is a beautiful home on the outside, but once inside the furniture left to "s...
Ok, Katy Perry's plastic bag just blew by again! Not uncommon for our west Texas town. I ran over the same plastic bag earlier. But what in the world do I do if I have out-of-town clients who have scheduled to shop for homes on a dusty/windy day like today! Skipping the lip gloss and donning the ...
Proper staging sells homes! Occupied homes, with a proper staging consultation given, can show just as amazing as a vacant home that has been staged. Creating a mass market appeal that says "Buy me!" It all boils down to "staging mojo" or the home's own style or self confidence. I believe that th...
It has blown in on our brown winds that we have here in west Texas and is caught on a high branch in the tree in the front yard of my Staging. Up too high to snag with an extension squeegee (I tried) and on too little of a branch to support my skinny teenager (I tried).  Don't be jealous, half of...
In my Staging carreer I have delt with a lot of wierd and funky stuff, dogs included. But these dogs are wearing me down! All I can say is thank god for Beggin' Strips! You know the doggy treats that make your hands smell like bacon? So, I am currently staging a wonderful newer garden home where ...
Proper Staging by a Accredited Staging Professional is necessary! Today everyone thinks themselves a Stager, but Staging requires experience and training. A certain amount of time is given to specifically chose furniture and accessories for each home to emphasize the style of the home while still...
Staging blahs? No way! Proper staging does incorporate neutral colors for a mass market appeal. But a pop of color always shows up in smaller quantities, like a pillow, flowers, candles and etc. Eliminate "The Blahs" and stage to sell!
Yes that happens! Even in this market, every type of home. From the starter home to the luxury home, occupied to vacant. Staging is now a mandatory standard due to this market we are in. With the number of homes now slashing prices to snag the few buyers out there, each home needs to look its bes...
Its the perfect time to invest in a vaca...nt Staging! You thoughtI was going to say vacation didn'tyou! Well a vacation is a heck of a lot more fun but a heck of a lot more expensive than Staging! Warm up your vacant listings with Staging, which costs less than you think and is more effective th...


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