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My Staging works! Staging helps every home look and feel better! Potential buyers can see and feel the difference. My Staging Blog will convey what a Stager does to create this feeling.
On a cold winter day, showing vacant listings can be chilly, even here in Texas! Just turning up the thermostat will not take the "echoey" chill from a home. There's nothing like a warm seating arrangement, rugs and towels to help warm up a empty home. But, not just anything can be thrown into a ...
You're pinned to the wall with the glare of a desperate man, his wife wringing her hands in the background. Your life is on the line, your reputation, your company's reputation... How many times have you felt like that? This is even before mentioning that their house is a train wreck and they nee...
Yes! There is now a movie out about a Stager! Amy Adams plays a Stager gone to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend on Leap Year! Thus the name, Leap Year. Go figure, of all the occupations that the writers could have given her, Stager topped the list. I wonder why? Could it be that Staging shows ...
I am talkin' dirty...the listed homes I just saw werea mess! As a Stager who is a Realtor I do get to see homes that are listed and being shown without Staging! And these Realtors know about Staging because I have given presentations at their companies (one of these listing agents was an ASP!). I...
Just like my teen's look she gets when I start lecturing about talking on the phone and driving...but with the front of the your listing! Looking vacant is a sad thing, not to mention dangerous! Several vacant homes around my fair city have been broken into for their built-in audio/visual equipme...
As a Stager and Realtor, I just listed our own personal home in July and closed the first of October, which initiated a move - to a 2,000 sq smaller home! We were living in a 5300 square foot home, just 3 of us along with a Chihuahua and small puppy, somehow we filled the place up with too much f...
Let me put to rest a common misconception. Staging is not just for vacant homes! Staging actually benefits the occupied home best! As a REALTOR and Stager, I would love to show only Staged homes! My dream is for every home on the market, especially occupied homes, is to be Staged. Then, as a REAL...
Wow! We just discovered "Doggy Daycare"! I am sure that we are late with this and the majority of the masses already know, but if you don't it is a godsend. As a REALTOR and Stager, we have listed our own home. As I do in my Staging Consultations I usually go over a Showing Plan which includes pe...
Now more than ever first impressions must work! I have heard so many REALTORS comment that they are getting little to no showings! Oh my gosh! So they really need to get the offer from the one or few showings that they do get! True, we can't drag buyers off of the street, but we can "catch" them ...
This seller realizes that Staging first will help her to sell fast! She called me Sunday morning to say she had gotten the job, which is in another city, so she needed an "emergency" Staging Consultation so she could get it listed to sell fast!More and more sellers and Realtors are realizing the ...


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