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I just left my clients who are very happy because their sofa is gone.  One piece down and many to go. I have had training the past two weeks from a furniture store I'm working at part time. I mentioned that I was doing a house sale next month and that was it, two women wanted the sofa.  Great pie...
I had a conversation today with a realtor collegue of mine who has asked me to help her stage one of her listings.  It's an estate sale and will be coming on the market after all the clutter, overage of furniture is removed and we can go into get it show ready. She had a question, can you wash gr...
It's almost 4:00AM, I couldn't sleep and here I am on I had written a blog a few weeks ago how addicting this site is and the amount of information I have gained from it. In the past half hour I have read information regarding buying staging items at Goodwill, how other stagers re...
I have a client that has asked me to do a house sale.  I haven't done one before, but now have a collegues's friend who has experience and has agreed to help. I was over at the house today and was asked what can they do with used books, mostly paperback. They could donate them to the local librar...
I received a call from a realtor asking me to quickly stage one of her listings.  She didn't want me to work more than 4 hours and that I should help the Seller with organizing closets, toys, etc. I entered the house, spoke to the homeowner and we decided my time was better spent on the family ro...
I was just reading new blogs and disregarded quite a few because of the amount of content in addition to misspelling. I find that when a blog is to the point, has photos, easy to read, it's more desirable. Maybe it's just my ADD kicking in, but I was wondering if anyone else has this same problem...
How would I go about adding another town under my profile?  I work in a number of towns and do not want to be associated with one primary area. I have asked this question before without any luck.  Is there a particular group/association that would have this information? Any comments are greatly a...
I signed up approximately 2 weeks ago, since I have gotten familiar with the site and all the valuable information I can't stay away.  I log on first thing in the morning, during the day and late at night.  I can add this to my list of addictions with #1 being shopping, though if I stay at my lap...
I have clients whose home I just put under agreement and had staged, they asked if I would assist them with a furniture sale. I didn't hesistate to agree. We're first going to offer the items to the perspective Buyers, but then whatever is remaining they will sell. They have a home full of furnit...
I just read a post that had complimentary consultation as a don't. Has anyone offered an incentive to realtors/homeowners? I have an appointment with a representative from Valpak ( the coupons that come in the mail) next week and wondering what a good approach would be if I chose to go forward. T...

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