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UNDERWATER MORTGAGES in the WASHINGTON METRO AREA and in MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD.  I was recently contacted by FOX NEWS to be interviewed about the crisis of underwater mortgages.  Too bad for me I missed the airing on March 30, 2010 and it will not be posted on the FOX NEWS site.  The piece was on...
Today at the Kentlands Long and Foster office Susann Haskins, manager, Joy Siegel and Melanie Keegan had a great discussion of various property condition items with the agents on whether or not the seller was required to remedy them under both the Regional Contract and the MAR Contract.  Great de...
We thought it was gone but today I closed a transaction that gave the buyer a terrific rate, 30 year fixed, very low fees and 100% financing.  The buyer even had credits from the seller so the net result was cash back to the buyer.  So, have faith, there is 100% financing if you look for it.  I'm...
Every since 9/11 and the Patriot Act photo identification has gone from good practice to required practice in the settlement business.  First time for us a funding was delayed because the buyerallowed their drivers ID to expire by 1 week pending his move and the lender wouldn't fund until he pres...
Been busy this week teaching CE for Realtors.  This week I taught the following courses:  Monday:  Maryland Legislative Update, Tuesday: The New Foreclosure Law in MD, Wednesday:  DC Ethics, Thursday:  DC Legislative Update, Friday:  The Settlement Process.  If you need CE contact me:  Joy@settle...

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