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Many of us have met at the Daily Grind on 419 in Roanoke for coffee, lunch, or fellowship and it’s become almost a home away from home for some. Countless relationships, ideas, and friendships have been forged at the very booth I’m sitting in as I write these thoughts. If walls could talk…what wo...
It's becoming more and more common... “I have no idea what my parents/grandparents' finances are like”. I hear clients say this all the time and it's becoming alarming. Not because I think we should all pry into our family's financial business, but because we should know when our families need he...
There have been few times in my life that I can undoubtedly pinpoint that there was/is another force...a higher force...working. Some call it God, some call it the Universe, some call it coincidence... But, I would not chalk James up to coincidence.   We were finishing up a tour of our local SWVA...
We all go through it... Why am I here? There's Got to be Something Better? If Only I were able to help? This has been stirring inside me for some time now... Gary Vaynerchuk says it well in his new book Crush It! when he stated that no one else has your DNA.  No one else has the same passions tha...
Hello all! The time has never been greater for us to pull together & help our communities!  I've started a new Active Rain Group called: Philanthropy in hopes that we may all share stories, successes, ideas, & most of all real-world needs that maybe some of our sources/friends can help with. Plea...
Seth has been kind enough to share his latest creation with us...for free! The best part, this time free really means free. No email addresses, names, subscriptions required. Feel welcome to view & read below, or simply download for yourself - enjoy! What Matters Now - Seth Godin   It looks like ...
So I walk into my "Big Nationalized Bank" to make a deposit yesterday... And, there, on a big lofty bulletin board they are advertizing their rates for all to see.  So, I decided to put a few arguments to rest by taking an actual picture of their board...showing the rates.  Why would I do this? S...
If you’re reading this, your probably in one of the following stages in your life: Either you currently own a home & want to renovate, you’re thinking of buying a “fixer upper” as your home, you want to sell your house & buy a home that needs a little work, or your home is on the market, but it j...
It took all of about 30 seconds to become addicted to reading friends’ status updates. Not something I’m proud of, mind you…yet, lately, has proven to be not-so-unusual…and facebook knows this.  Aside from rummaging through friends’ photos like you’re spying on them from the outside, status upda...
There has been much speculation surrounding the topic of the $8,000 Tax Credit for 1st Time Homebuyers. Let's set the record straight:2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act$8000 Tax CreditA refundable first-time homebuyer tax credit of up to $8,000 is the centerpiece of housing incentives fo...

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