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The LA Times is reporting today that an expected flood of foreclosures may not come to pass, as financial institutions work to help owners stay in their homes.  The number of foreclosures in California for the 3 months ending September 30th was down 37% over the same period last year, when forecl...
Another worthy story in the LA Times last week that I wanted to get posted for clients on the fence, and Realtors who are welcome to re-post.  As we ALL know, this is the time for first time buyers to take the plunge.  Prices are down (possibly all the way before they start back up) and interest ...
By now everyone is aware of the $8,000 tax credit being offered to qualifying first time home buyers.  Originally it had to be repaid, now it's a freebie that is part of the larger economic stimulus plan.  The official end date for the program is November 30th, 2009.  This means that transaction...
I wanted to get this posted last week after the article ran, but didn't get to it, so here it is.  LA Times ran a great piece about a steadily increasing supply of architecturally significant properties. With the drop in prices that the Southland has seen in the past couple of years, the possibi...
The Los Angeles Times ran a great article on Sunday that just reiterates the fact that a) real estate is an extremely LOCALIZED market, and b) it pays NOT to let the media get you all whipped up into a froth, because they often oversell a trend, and/or are a day late and a dollar short on reporti...
I mean, really.  When was the last time you could buy a cute, done house on your own little piece of land for $460,000?  I'll answer that for you.  In the past 5 years, you had exactly 1 chance, and THAT was a 727 sqft lot. Here's a sweet little gem, completely remodeled in West Hollywood.  Reall...
Look, I know we've all come across, and tried to get listings from, For Sale By Owner properties.  Some have more of a handle on what they're actually doing than others, but at the end of the day, few really know what they're getting themselves into, and as we all know, a large marjority of those...
Just when I think I see the best deal I've ever seen on West Hollywood's desirable Kings Rd along the strip of condo buildings that run from Santa Monica to Melrose, another one pops up seemingly more unbelievable than the last.  A brand new listing just hit the MLS yesterday at 740 Kings Rd that...
  It's been a while since I've blogged, and now I'm going to try to get back into it, in conjuction with my new Twitter account (follow me at  I hate that I'm at the age where I feel a bit overwhelmed by technology.  No worries...I'll figure it all out. Anyway, WeHo has b...
Back in May, I blogged about Christina Aguilera's house in the Hollywood Hills, which is STILL on the market after 205 days.  Well, it appears that she (or her Realtor, or business manager) finally got the memo that the economy's in the crapper and if it wasn't selling at $7.995 BEFORE the econom...

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