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During a very energetic and eye opening coaching session with my coach, Ron Patulski , from Performance University ( we got to talking about the Keller Williams Mission (and mine) which is stated as "Careers worth having, businesses worth owning a...
I thought this worth discussing. Personally I think it is a great idea.Too often we stop marketing as soon as we get an offer. I don't know about your market place, however I know that agents are having troubles with appraisals. Appraisers are only looking six months back for comparables. I know ...
OK I have asked you once I won't ask again, who do you think is the best coach out there? Tell me you experiences. I want to know have you ever tried coaching? Did your production grow? What great tips did you learn? In my last blog I shared a bit about my Experiences. I have worked with Rich Lev...
Do you really need a coach? Isn't it a lot of money? How will you pay for it? How do I find the right coach? These are the questions that go through agent's minds when considering getting a Real Estate coach. Let's face it so many Realtors are barely making ends meet. They are running businesses ...
I thought this worth repeating. I don't understand why some are satisfied just hanging on when they have the potential to blow the roof off. I guess as Gary Keller says it all comes down to "WHY" you do what you do. What motivates all of us. your can check out the KW difference at, a career with...
Real Estate is a realtionship driven business. More and more Realtors are realizing that their business depends on their personal brand and that company brand does not make their business. That is why more Realtors are turning to companies that recognize that the company brand has little signific...
We all know that we are supposed to keep in touch with our past clients. But DO WE? I know some Realtors do. The truth is your success is directly related to how good you are at keeping in touch. Those that are great at contacting past clients and sphere of influence are most likely achieving a h...
While it was so good to get away from Syracuse NY to get a break from the cold wintry weather it is equally good to come home after learning so much at the Keller Williams Family Reunion. This is their annual convention. Time to recharge you batteries, refocus your business and raise the altitude...
Thursday morning Good Morning America did a bit about selling your home. "Inside Secrets to Selling Your Home"Real Estate experts share their top five tips for convincing buyers. Click Here to Watch Real Estate experts share their top five tips for convincing buyers.They had Gary Keller on and as...
Our office is located in Eastwood a neighborhood in the city of Syracuse New York. AS team leader of Keller Williams Syracuse I have the opportunity to talk to many Realtors about the advantages that Keller Williams offer to agents. However, I hear over and over again that although the benefits o...

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