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Paloma Creek is a super neighborhood on Highway 380 in Denton County. It covers vast amounts of land along HWY 380 on both the North and South sides of the highway zoned for residential and commercial. Denton Independent School District (Denton ISD) is the school district for residents of this ma...
There are still parts of Texas known as horse country and Aubrey is one of those places. As the other small towns along Highway 380 fill up with gigantic master-planned communities, most parts of Aubrey remain as undeveloped or as horse ranches with the exception of Paloma Creek MPC and few other...
Savannah, Texas is often mistaken for a city, but it is actually a super-neighborhood on Highway 380. It does not lie within the boundaries of Denton, Frisco or Prosper, but it is considered a political subdivision of the State of Texas. It is served by the Denton ISD and has an elementary school...
Searching the MLS for the perfect residential real estate community or for an affordable new home with amenities?Cross Oak Ranch is our pick of the week. It is a master-planned community in the heart of Cross Roads/Oak Point, Texas. There are currently 3 builders: Ryland Homes, Pulte Homes, and B...
John Pohly was asked to become a Local Ambassador for the Wylie (TX) real estate market. The link below features his commentary on this fast growing Texas city as well as his Top 12 Wylie Homes each week.Wylie is a great market for a number of reasons:1. Great Schools.2. Located near business and...
This is the real deal. I am trying to place a loan on a new construction home to close in September for a property in Hawaii. The property is valued at 1,750,000. My client can handle an 80% LTV but if a higher LTV is available at a good interest rate, they would of course prefer it.My client has...
If you watched the 5:30 News on NBC today, Brian Williams had a special on the crash of the mortgage industry. A buyer wanting a 600,000 JUMBO loan in California (100% Financing) with good credit and good job stability can not get financing (100%). The failure to report the entire story that the ...
Need a good realtor to explain this? Real estate in Cross Roads is really not as complicated as it sounds:Cross Oak Ranch is located within the boundaries of either Denton County Municipal Utility District No. 4 or Denton County Municipal Utility District No. 5 (the "Districts"). The Districts ar...
Just another example of a super-neighborhood of real estate on Highway 380 that is so big that it has almost become a city by itself. The Commissioner's Court of Denton County authorized the creation of the District because Savannah is not located in a city. The District is a political subdivisio...
I am predicting that Prosper, Texas will make next year's top 20 fastest growing towns in the U.S. Find out why at and learn about more top real estate markets around TX. Search the MLS!Learn more about Prosper, and search the MLSGet our daily updates of builder inventory ...

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