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GOOD news for FHA! FHA Won't Implement HVCC The Federal Housing Administration has no plans to implement the Home Valuation Code of Conduct, Commissioner David Stevens told a delegation from the National Association of Mortgage Brokers. NAMB's FHA chairman John Councilman, who attended the meetin...
I think we have! Money is starting to become easier to aquire and values seem to be stabalizing. We are also statring to see products come across our desks that were not around 12 months ago. Let's get through 09 and we will really see business pick back up in 2010!
Are there any good lead generation companies out there? I have purchased many leads over the years with everyone promising to deliver the world but falls way short! Are Real Estate Leads the same or are there any good honest companies? Let's hear what others ahve to say throughout the country.
The other part that I had missed on my first blog was to be positive amongst ourselves. I was at another open house 2 weeks ago and all I kept hear was this market stinks, for lack of better words! STOP! Keep your negative to yourself. I can not stand to hear negative comments about your professi...
Many debate whether foreclosures should be stopped and almost regulated or should just be let alone and work their way out. I was at an open house this weekend and many that walked through still can't believe the high price tags and feel that if the foreclosures are not regulated that the downtur...
The more positive we are as Agents, the quicker I feel the word gets out to the consumer that things are good and it is time to buy! Obviously with the conditions that have risen, it is a wonderful time to negotiate a deal with all of the inventory and low rates that s out there. hat do you think?
Scam or OK?   I have seen a lot of people getting their mortgage modified by many different types of consultants. However with this service there is a charge of sometimes upto $10000! What do you think. Let me know. Has anyone been a consultant for a modification? Was considering but do not know ...
As credit has tightened up and values have flattened to decreased it is the best time to refinance. The later you wait the more you have to loose. Lenders are not making it any easier and we only expect things to stay this way. Call if you have any questions on this subject.   Thanks
08/12/2008   This is the main piece of information that I use to watch rates go up and down. I highly recommend that every real estate agent has this in their favorites!. As soon as I learned of the link it kept me in closer touch with rates than just ...
As we all have seen over the past year rates have been creeping up more and more. Who know's where they will stop! So with the weather ready to break and kids back in school, right now is a great time to make a deal! The longer you wait the less you will be able to afford if these rates increase ...

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