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Jenn the Realtor shares tips, news, data and musings about Adams County, Colorado and the Denver Metro area. Neighborhood specific data that you can really use to buy and sell at the right time!



It had to happen sooner or later, but for some reason, I wasn't expecting it today.  Not when we had 65 degree temps just last week! When I woke up this morning, the temp was around 20 degrees.  That was our high temp- it soon started to drop and snow.  The snow began with mist and rain that soon...
Jim is right.  Meth has been a scourge on many a community.  As Real Estate Professionals, we all need to be able to recognize a meth lab so we can protect our buyers and sellers and our communities. Thank you, Jim, for the public service you have done today.In today's society meth has become an ...
One of the great things about Belle Creek is that there is the opportunity to live and work in the neighborhood. In addition to the great homes, there are retail and office spaces available. Right now, there are several businesses operating here in Belle Creek. Did you forget something at the gro...
Broker remarks... I guess you gotta love 'em.   I was reading Charita's blog post today about agents who call to ask if the seller will take $xxxk for the home.  What a timely post- I saw broker remarks that addressed this very frustration. If I may quote... ahem.... (this is brought to you by th...
  Some days, the blog posts just roll right off the fingers.  Other days you have to duct-tape yourself to your chair until you can squeeze something out of your brain   As any AR Addict can attest to, it seems that no matter which situation we are in, we seem to always strive for that "feature"...
Why is Belle Creek so unique? It was built starting in 2000 by New Town Builders in the New Urbanist style. This is a style marked by its walk-ability and distinctive character. Belle Creek homes feature deep front porches that can be used as an extension of your living space. Imagine having an o...
Welcome to Belle Creek! Take a look at all the amenities Belle Creek has to offer. My name is Jennifer Prestwich, and I am your Belle Creek specialist.
Whenever the phone rings at my house between 8:05 and 8:45, I feel like just answering it with "what did you forget?"   You see, we live across the street from school, so if my daughter forgets something (her flute, her lunch, her math homework), she gets right on the horn to ask me to bring it. ...
Fourth Quarter Sold Data for Dunes Park saw a tapering from the activity in Third Quarter 2010.   There were two homes sold in 4Q as compared with nine sold during 3Q.  Part of that is due to the usual slowing of the market in the 4Q winter months. We did see a drop in sold price per square foot...
If you are the misguided type who thinks that "borrowing" from another agent for your blog or graphics is ok, Lenn will set you straight.  To whit- it is never ok.  Ever.  Read Lenn's post.  She is serious about this stuff and we should all be serious about it, too.   Thanks, Lenn.  Well said.FOU...

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