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The goal of this blog is to provide stories of success, the hottest new prospecting methods, exciting new ideas on marketing, memorable quotes, and ways to build profitablilty in your business.
Odds are unless you have recently attended one of my seminars you and I have never met.  Nevertheless I'm going to read your mind.  Sound impossible? Let's see how close I can come to hitting the mark. Okay, relax. Go to your mental sanctuary and let me see if I can cross the space time continuum...
You REALTORS are all blood suckers! In today's real estate market real estate buyers and sellers are frustrated. Maybe no group is more frustrated than sellers with a sincere desire to sell their home who can't locate a buyer. Unfortunately many of these sellers end up as expired listings. It's ...
Expired Seller Question: Why didn't you show my house? You finally worked up the nerve to actually prospect expired listings. Congratulations! You have joined an elite group of superstars who proactively take control of their lead generation activities. This is a defining difference between the w...
Selling real estate is easy!  Often as real estate professionals we tend to want to believe that our success is tied to how complicated we can make our careers. We have ten different prospecting systems, three different e-mail addresses, five websites, two assistants, three computers, one laptop,...
Expired Listings: Calls or Mailings? So you have decided to try your hand at expired listings. Congratulations you are one of the very, very few agents who are willing to proactively commit to a lead generation strategy. But now you have a dilemma do you call them or mail to them? To answer the ...
Expired Listings - 100 Listings in 12 Months? If someone said to you: If you can take 100 listing saleable listings in the next twelve months I will pay you a million dollars. Could you do it? Wait! Really think about this challenge. What would have to change in your career to ensure you receive...

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