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As we all know, these are some unprecedented times that we currently live in.  We have all had to adapt, whether we wanted to or not.  I chose to adapt.  Well, not really, most everything that I do is virtual anyway.  I am a real estate investor that does things a little differently.  I buy house...
Join us right now for the Zoom Call that's going on with a specialist in 131 tax exchanges!  He runs 1031 MLS Agent!  Do yourself a favor and get on the call. Join HERE
Happy Tuesday to you!The week has already started.Do you listen to those around you that have never done what you're asking them about?  That reminds me of one of my favorite books "The Richest Man in Babylon" written by George S. Clason back in 1952.  Never ask the bricklayer about jewelry."I do...
Hi Everyone,This Tuesday (tomorrow) at 2:00 pm (EST), we will be having our weekly Zoom call.  Mark it on your calendar.This call is hosted by none other than Debe Maxwell, CRS.  You can go HERE to be on this great call. Eileen Burns found us a great person who deals in 1031 tax exchanges!  His n...
Happy Monday!Here we go again with our week.What's actually good for you (business wise) sometimes comes at a price.  Are you willing to pay that price so that you can move forward with what you really want?  It could be that you're comfortable with where you are.Many times that price is you step...
 Happy Sunday to you!I wanted to share with you a recipe for Tomahawk Steak with a garlic butter and goat cheese sauce.  This is for the real meat lovers.  I know that the last two weeks, I've showed some type of fish, but hey, I basically like almost everything!  This is from the other day.This ...
Happy Friday!  TGIF! Being busy doesn't mean that your being productive.  Ask me how I know this!  Many people find that doing the small things makes them feel that they are accomplishing something.  Stop working on the minor things that in the end don't matter for you, when the you work on the m...
Happy Thursday to you,The weekend is almost upon us.Are you a person who makes things happen no matter what the outcome is because you think it's right?  Do you pick yourself off of the floor and keep going because you believe in what you're doing?Someone once told me that you have to fail forwar...
Wow!  Many of you missed the call from someone that I doubt you'll be able to hear from again.  Barbara Todaro. She regaled us with her humble beginnings and how she grew her business using direct mail.  She has branded herself and her team by mainly sending out postcards and also by looking at t...
Happy Tuesday to you, Are you failing, but making better choices from it that give you result? Are they results that are working for you?Do you have to make additional results because the ones that you're getting are not working out for you?"There is no such thing as failure.  There are only resu...


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