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It's Thursday!  Happy Thursday to you (I hope)Sometimes, you wonder where all the time went and other times, you just wish it would hurry up and end.I'm embarking on a new endeavor in my career and my team and I keep "going down rabbit holes".  We look into something and it takes you into many di...
Wednesday is here and it appears that if you are reading this, so are you.  Have you been busy this week getting things done?  Moving yourself and your business forward?  Have you spent your time wishing something particular would happen or are you actually doing something about it? "Don't wish f...
Happy Tuesday to everyone!I hope that you have a good day and week planned out.I want you to have a lot on your plate and to be able to cross each thing off of your list that you accomplish.You don't want to be idle and wait for things to come to you.  Go after what you want.A"Approach the start ...
And so another week begins.  Happy Monday!  Now, some of you are not Monday people, I understand.  I will say that this gives you the ability to see what may or may not work for this week.  What have you got to lose?  Some time?  A little money?  Go for it and keep trying."There is only one way t...
Tomorrow at 2 pm, EST is our weekly Zoom call.  This week is all about appraisers and Mary Thompson is our speaker.  you get to hear her talk about the appraisal business and what you might be able to do so that it helps you and your clients.  She'll also have time for questions from you because ...
Wahoo!  Friday's here.    How'd your week go?Many of us are dealing with what's in front of us.  What about many of us trying to deal with what is about to happen?  I am starting another phase of my business and am trying to get it done piece by piece so that it can be done correctly (I hope), so...
Happy Thursday!Thursday's here, are you?  I mean this mentally.  I say this because there are many of us (sometimes I'm included in this) that just coast through the day without really being in the day. "Not doing it is certainly the best way to not getting it."~ Wayne Gretzky
Happy Wednesday,It's the middle of the week.  Are you where you want to be today?  I am in the middle of a new venture in real estate and it will be a couple of weeks before I'm ready.  In the meantime, I'm still doing my real estate business.In this quote, substitute the word Hockey for Real Est...
Wow - 34 people!  What a great turnout for the head honcho.  He started off talking about the book "The One Thing by Gary Keller (I think you know who he is)" all about multi-tasking. The 'Wealthy Code by George Antone (he's got two other books out as well that are pretty good) and 'Positioning' ...
 Happy Tuesday to you!Yesterday was a boring administrative day getting things done, but necessary.  Today I'm going to shoot quite a bit to get things done that aren't administrative, but will get me moving forward.  How about you?"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."~ Wayne Gretsky


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