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Tuesday.  Today the week marches on, but are you?  Are you doing busy work without getting much done?  How about actually moving forward and accomplishing what you've set out to?  Not just paying it and other things lip service that you were so busy.  Take today and possibly tomorrow and get some...
Monday is here and the rest of the year is upon us.  Make this a banner year for yourself and create new habits that will spur you on to be your better self.  All of us can improve ourselves in one way or another.  One of mine is going to be persistance.  How about you?"The habit of persistance i...
Friday's here, it's the end of the workweek for most (not us, of course!). I hope that you're getting in full swing to make this a great year.  Open up your mind to a new way of doing things because what you're doing now might not be working though you think it does.I have been stupid at times, b...
Thursday.  It's here and it's not going anywhere.  Has your week been what you were hoping for so far or are you "still trying to get acclimated"?Change is going to happen whether you want it to or not.  Hopefully, you can decide."Nothing will change unless you change."~ Unknown
Wednesday is upon us.  Change seems to be on many minds.  Resolutions too.  Resolutions usually stay with us as much as change does.  Sometimes we don't have a choice with the change that lays ahead of us, but change we must.  Have you been accepting of change?"The secret of change is to focus al...
The first Tuesday of the new year is here.  Let's get it started the right way!If anything was learned from 2020 was that we need to adapt to be able to move forward.  If we don't adapt, we tend to go by the way of the dinosaurs.  You don't want that to happen, do you?"Cause chang and lead; accep...
Monday is here and it's one of the last ones of the year to get anything done before most people close up shop from doing anything until next year.  I'm winding down my year with one that is from a baseball great, Bo Jackson.  I'm trying to get done some writing on a system I'm about to implement...
It's here.  Friday.  The long anticipated day of kids and many parents because it signifies the end of the school year to many young ones and the beginning break of so many that are ready for the holidays to be here.  That would be all of us (mostly).This is also a time to step up our game when s...
It's Wednesday.  Hump day!  The middle of the week.  Where I'm at it's very wet (rainy) and cold today.  So I saw this picture and decided to share it with you.  I plan on getting quite a bit done today and this week.  As far as today goes, because it's dreary, rainy, cold and dark,  I've put on ...
Tuesday.  It's here.  The week is marching on towards the end of the year.  Many of you have a lot on your minds, which don't always equate to business.  Focus and work of what you have to so that you can give yourselves adequate time for other things.“Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness c...

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