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Just who really are my clients?  My clients are two-fold.  Those I buy houses from and those that I put in houses .  My specialty is buying houses "Subject To" the existing mortgage.  I often help people that have little to no equity and/or need to sell their house quickly where I'm able to give ...
Active Rain has been many things to many people.  For me, it has been a sense of community where you can easily see that most people in the Rain are not out for themselves, but give freely of their time and more importantly, their knowledge to others.  For saying that, I mean to me.  I'm sure tha...
Monday is here.  The current holidays are over and it's time to start winding down the year.  Take stock of where you are and what you have or have not accomplished.  Also, look at what you would like to accomplish and move yourself towards that particular thing.You can do this!  You have it with...
Wednesday is today!  Tomorrow is a holiday for many of us and I want you to go into this mindful of what the new year that will soon be upon us can bring.  For today is the first day of the rest of your life.Go into this holiday with things that you want to do, accomplish.  Dream big, but just do...
Tuesday's here and almost time for one of the major holidays.I hope that you're working hard for yourself and others during this time and not using it as an excuse to slack off.  Making excuses can be easy, getting results from doing something is not."There are many ways to make excuses, but ther...
Realtors:  Many times you go out on a listing to help out one of our great veterans that is serving our country or has served our country only to find that there is not enough equity for you to get involved.Let me help!  Working with me will help out the veteran and also put some money in your po...
Monday is here!  Start fresh, start excited, but just START!It is not just about physical (though this video is physical in nature).  Change the physical aspect to mental.  Get in the game.  Get your head in the right direction.  Stop being your own stumbling block.I've said it before and I'll sa...
Friday!  Yes, it's Friday.  The end of the work week for most normal people is here.  For many of us, it's just not that way.I feel that the biggest determination of any type of victory is the 6" between your ears.  Get out of your own way and don't limit yourself.  Think outside the box, even ge...
Thursday's here!  The week itself is almost over.There are many of you that say that you can't do something.  Is it because you really didn't try and just gave up?Zig Ziglar was very fond of asking people to describe a can't.  No one could do it.  He would then ask them to describe a can.  Everyb...
Wow.  It's Wednesday already.  Sometimes, you wonder where the time has gone.  Many things may be harder than they seem (ask me how I know this!).  I'm taking one day at a time and each day is a new day to begin again."One day or day one, you decide."~ Unknown

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