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I am looking for a good company for greeting cards.  We would like to design the thank you cards with our logo and order as part of a thank you gift.  What companies do you guy use and what would you recommend?  I was really hoping had greeting cards because I love their postca...
COMPLETE HOA RESOURCE   Are you attending the 2009 CAI National Conference in New Orleans this week?  Stop by our booth - booth #903 and check out Complete HOA Resource!  We are giving away a $100 Home Depot gift card and free DVD's!  We would love to meet you and talk to you about our company! W...
Have you used the new Search Me?  This tool is great especially great for real estate agents.  Now-a-days clients are looking to see if you have a great internet presence.  Don't tell them to do a google search on your name...send them your search me stack!  Go to the Search Me website. Create a ...
Why do homeowners need to be educated on HOA living? Often time's homeowners do not read their CCR's or association documents. They may not understand all the rules and regulations of living in a community association. Homeowners can get frustrated by being warned or fined for not complying with ...
Unfortunately most educational type videos are very boring and will put you to sleep. We worked very hard to try to make a short DVD that is interesting, lively and to the point. We want you to actually learn something and not be bored! We used a real community manager, Jason Tolley, not a paid a...
As I am sitting here watching my usual Sunday evening television and playing on the computer I learned of a new program that ABC is doing.  I am a HUGE fan of Extreme Home Makeover and they have a new program they are working on called the American Dream.  They are giving away $1 million dollars ...
I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself.  My name is Jen and I work for Complete HOA Resource.  Complete HOA Resource is a newer company and we are in the process of expanding it and venturing online! What is Complete HOA? The idea behind Complete HOA Resource came about from a Communi...
Imagine this are a community manager for a homeowners association.  New homeowners have moved into a home in your association and have never lived in a HOA before and also never read their ACC guidelines, rules & regulations, etc that were provided at closing.  So the new neighbors...

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