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Joe Domino is a licensed agent serving the Phoenix/Scottsdale metro area. Joe's broad base of experience and depth of knowledge provide him a unique insight into the real estate business. Follow Joe's idiosyncratic articles and postings which he makes available for your education and enjoyment.
Over and over I see want ads imploring, “Help wanted Rock Star…”.No doubt the portrait we have painted of a Rock Star appears to glamorous, successful, even desirable. But in reality, Rock Stars as a group are seldom successful and when they are their success is fleeting. They seldom get to enjoy...
When should a seller disclose material facts that could affect the marketable value of a home? That, of course, is a trick question. The answer is always.However, does the receipt of a home inspection report immediately require an update of the Seller Disclosure documents? Well, not always.Let’s ...
Well here we are at the end of another of The Soundtrack of a Lifetime series. It has been a lot of fun remembering old songs that we enjoyed over more than a 60 year period. Who would have thought that Rock & Roll would endure so long?For those of you who have been following along, thanks for yo...
Well, we have heard a lot of old songs this month. Some are oldies that have a definite sound that remind us of a particular time period that we remember but is now gone. Then there are old songs that still sound as fresh today as the day they were recorded. One of those songs that I enjoy listen...
It's day 28 here on the Soundtrack. How about a little soul music? Here is an artist that has a unique sound in part because of his heritage. Aaron Neville owes a mix of Africa-American, Caucasian and Native American roots as well as his Cajun influence for his different sound. Neville has had fo...
I enjoy when a song tells a story. In this case the story is by a band named Lynyrd Skynryd. Skynrd is a rock band that has often billed themselves as the King's of Southern Rock. The band released their first album in 1973. With songs like Sweet Home Alabama, Simple Man and Free Bird, their pop...
How do you follow up after being one of the Beatles, who in my opinion, were the greatest rock band ever? Well it takes some doing, but you keep going with another really good band called Wings. When most people think of the band Wings they think only of McCartney and rightly so, he was the drivi...
The Soundtrack contains music from all genre, soul, pop, blues and jazz. Every so often a jazz artist connects with a wider audience. In 1977 a flugelhorn player released an album entitled "Feels So Good" . The artists name is Chuck Mangione. The title song was originally over 10 minutes long, bu...
Neil Diamond is an other performer that achieved early success as a songwriter then later became a renowned on-stage performer and actor. Neil has had 10 number one singles and 38 songs in the Top Ten.With great songs like Cracklin' Rose, Song Sung Blue and America his music has spanned the gener...
This is important information for anyone interested in buying a condo, Buyer's Agents need to be aware before they show the condo and have the buyer fall in love with something they cannot finance, Thanks Debe Maxwell, CRS  Good to Know - Warrantable Condos   With condos (as well as the few co-op...

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