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Rarely does a home exhibit such a unique blending of exceptionally balanced design, extraordinary materials & a gracefully breathtaking setting. Living here enables everything your home is supposed to be…sanctuary for family, touchstone for friends, warm center to your life. From the detail rich ...
Pet peeve:  Soils and/or foundation engineers reports that lact cost estimates.  I know it can be hard and subjective for them to be provided but better to have a general feel for the costs than absolute ambiguity.  Some foundations that look scary may be actually quite fixable, and vice versa.  
Love this post.  The three most important words in staging...declutter, declutter, declutter.  It's akin to what a great short sale trainer said once: We're getting ready for a beauty pageant and a fire sale at the same time...or something to that effect. Buyers don't look favorable at an overstu...
You may recall Nate Silver as the savant statistician who predicted Barack Obama's decisive victory over Mitt Romney weeks before the election.  He's the producer of the kind of statistical knowledge baseball clubs use to improve their player selections, think "Moneyball". In "The Signal and the ...
We have an irregularly scheduled neighborhood poker game in our neighborhood.  The poker is fun but the socialization is even better.  About 4-5 couples each time, sometimes a friend joins, but primarily a group of folks who have lived on the same street for 20+ years.  Real estate is a topic tha...
So, what is he about to blog about?  You might be wondering where this is going :) Actually, it's on the subject of our four legged friends and their need for space.  And a huge disclaimer, this was not my idea, our citizens and City came up with this solution.  I'm just a lowly Parks & Rec Commi...
I wrote my blog yesterday because I was headed to a PG&E sponsored class designed to educate realtors about environmentally intelligent upgrades, inspections of same and financing.  It was GREAT content.   And there were six realtors there.  Sad. This subject area has been with us since the dawn ...
For mid-Peninsula realtors, the word "green" can be a confusing thing.  What does "green" mean in the context of our local real estate?  Is it good or bad or both? Sadly, because there is so much confusion and misrepresentation on the topic, "green" in real estate has come to be a suspicious word...
So, I've had a fixer listing for sometime now without success.  We've moved the price down twice, always had a good flow of showings but only one offer that TFT'd.  Then, yesterday, on Halloween, in the light of the full moon, we end up with 4 offers, the best being all cash with a short close. A...
It's funny, I've had listings in remote parts of our county or on the fringes and I get questions about mountain lions and other predators.  Fact is, on the Mid-Peninsula, at this time of year, those animals are found almost anywhere as they follow game down off the hills and into the lucisous sh...

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