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Boulder Colorado Pearl Street Mall Musicians… I was in the Boulder Pearl Street Mall this weekend giving some out of town visitors a mini-tour. Pearl Street has always had high quality street performers and musicians, but this weekend it seemed to have risen to a whole new level. Two groups of th...
Purple Rain… I took these photos a few days ago just after it rained here in Boulder Colorado. I was attempting to get close-up of the rain drops. After looking at them I am fascinated with the color contrasts with shades of purple and green. I am not sure what kind of flower it is but I really l...
Don’t Bug Me… I photographed a thistle along beside a trail in the foothills above Boulder. I was amazed at all the activity inside. There were several bugs crawling around seemingly intoxicated by the nectar. I’ve been enjoying taking close-up shots lately. These turned out quite nice catching t...
Happy Father’s Day… I can’t resist getting on the Father’s Day bandwagon. I never really knew my father—only met him once before he died. While I can’t change the past, I honor him on this day for his role in bringing me into the world. And if I had not come into the world, my children would not ...
Boulder Integral Incubator I just completed the second day of a 5 day conference called the Integral Incubator held at Boulder Integral in Boulder Colorado. The program is all about helping attendees to launch their personal project, dream or life transition. The support exercises and coaching fo...
Life on the Edge… Rock climbing is a big sport here in Boulder Colorado. This shot was taken at a popular climbing spot off Canyon Blvd. just outside the west side of town. It’s really a majestic spot with Boulder Creek cutting a path directly below the cliff. I admire how the climbers get up the...
Oh Dear, it's a Deer... I was hiking in Settler’s Park on the west side of Boulder a couple of weeks ago with a friend and we spotted something moving in the distance. We could see that it was a critter of some sort but the color blended so well with the background that we couldn’t quite make out...
Boulder Creek or Boulder River? A combination of high heat causing rapidly melting snow in the high country and heavy rain over the past couple of days has caused unusually high water levels in Colorado creeks and rivers. Here in Boulder our own Boulder Creek is looking more like a river than a c...
Purple Iris My step-daughter, Reetta, graduated from New Vista High School in Boulder a couple of weeks ago. A celebration party was held at a friend’s house afterward.  There were beautiful gardens with lots of Iris’. I took tons of photos of the flowers, and the people too, but the flowers were...
Heaven and Earth: As Above, so Below… I took these two photographs a couple of weeks ago on a hike to Cub Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park in Larimer County Colorado. These are definitely two of the more unique photographs I have taken. The first is looking up at the sky. The second captures ...

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