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Rocky Mountain Clouds The photos below were taken during a trip to Steamboat Springs Colorado about a month ago. The white cumulus clouds seemed to be rolling across the sky like cookie dough. I love the mysterious ever-changing patterns of clouds. One moment there is a horse and the next there i...
Rocky Mountain Bicycle Ride Except for a near accident mentioned in my previous post titled 10 Seconds of Grace, I had an awesome Rocky Mountain Bicycle Ride this morning. I was out the door at 5:30 am with the intention of riding to Jamestown. I took Lee Hill Drive over the summit and dropped do...
10 Seconds of Grace I had a very close call during a bicycle ride this morning. I was cycling over Lee Hill Road above Boulder on my way to Jamestown. After crossing over the summit at just over 7,000 feet I was traveling at about 30 mph downhill toward Left Hand Canyon. As I was going down the h...
Rocky Mountain Flowers I was up for a drive in the mountains a few days ago and stopped to photograph some mountain flowers. I’m not sure of the elevation but I believe it was just over 6,000 feet. I had never recognized any of the three flowers shown here before. There is something mysterious ab...
Not All Plateaus Are Flat Sunday I went for a drive up in the mountains to scout new bicycle routes. As I was coming back down Hwy. 7 into Lyons I noticed this giant plateau rising up on the hill in a distance. It was huge but what really struck me was the angle that it sits on. And of course, it...
White Lilly The flower arrangement at church this morning was really beautiful. One flower in particular caught my eye. I believe it is a Lilly but with my mistakes on naming flowers lately it wouldn’t surprise me if it was something else. I love the close up detail. I believe the dust-like parti...
Yellow Fellow Yellow is one of my favorite colors…especially in nature. It represents so many things including light, warmth, clarity, etc. Yellow flowers are among my favorite. The flower below was photographed in the flower garden at Columbine Unity Church. The human eye acts like a band-pass f...
A Tree Stump Can Be a Work of Art My early morning bike ride today took me north on highway 36 to Niwot road. From there I went east to 95th St. and then south to Valmont before heading back into Boulder. I rode a total of 23 miles with an average speed of 15.3 mph. When I passed through Niwot I ...
Shadow and Light The picture below was taken on the altar at Columbine Unity Church in Boulder Colorado. Behind the altar there is a large wall of glass with a spectacular view of the Rocky Mountains. I took the photo this past Sunday just before the early morning service. I was struck by the con...
Flower Power Galore This flower arrangement graced the table in the lobby of Columbine Unity Church in Boulder Colorado last Sunday. The variety of shapes and colors are spectacular. The photos are nice but they really don’t do justice to what the arrangement looked like. I’m glad I had my camera...

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