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Boulder Colorado Sunrise I dusted off my bicycle this past week and have enjoyed some early morning rides around Boulder. This morning I was on the road by 5:30 am but a little late to catch the crack of dawn. Even still, I enjoyed a spectacular light show just north of Boulder along Highway 36. ...
Fire What do you see in the pictures below? Fire of course but try to look beyond the obvious. Do you see death and destruction or do you see a hot meal? Do you see fury and chaos or do you see a warm house. Do you see despair or do you see hope? Rapid oxidation of the wood in the process of comb...
Boulder Columbine Unity Flower Garden The flower garden at Columbine Unity Church in Boulder Colorado is really beautiful. This is the time of year when all the flowers are in bloom and the color combinations are extraordinary. The garden sits along the walkway from the lower part of the church b...
A Yellow Flower…Up Close and Personal I took a close up of this yellow flower in the garden at Columbine Unity Church in Boulder Colorado. It was a sunny day and once again I was playing around with the digital zoom on my camera. The camera is nothing special—Nikon Coolpix,  8.1 megapixel. The ke...
Colorado Rocky Mountain Rainbow I encountered an incredible rainbow yesterday. I was driving on highway 93 between Golden Colorado and Boulder. It’s a beautiful drive that follows along the edge of the Front Range. There were thick black clouds out to the east over the Denver Metro area where it ...
Summer Solstice Fire Ceremony I attended a summer solstice celebration at the Shepherd Valley Waldorf School in Niwot Colorado on Friday night. It was a small gathering with about a dozen adults and about the same number of kids. The celebration was simple. We made some prayer flags and then we h...
Eye of Iris Iris’ are an amazing flower. They seem to come in an endless variety of colors and color combinations. Looking down into the eye of the Iris reveals the intricate beauty of the face of nature. The name Iris is appropriately taken from the Greek word for rainbow. When you look at the w...
The Color Green Green is one of my favorite colors. We see green in so many places in throughout nature. For me there is a natural feel to the color green that I find both soothing and even rejuvenating. There is something extra special about green leaves after it rains. It is almost like they ar...
The Simple Things Are the Best "When we recall the past, we usually find that it is the simplest things—not the great occasions—that in retrospect give off the greatest glow of happiness." — Bob Hope The photos below are a bunny rabbit, a flower, a humming bird and a weed. These are some of the s...
Flower Zoom I love photographing flowers. Lately, I’ve been playing with the zoom on my camera. This series of photos are intended to mimic the viewer stepping up to the flowers to take a closer look. The first photo was taken about five feet back with no zoom. The last one was taken at about two...

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