These are a sample of some of the top finds found during inspections in 2009.  Please feel free to comment on the site itself and here on the active rain blog. This link gos to my website where all the images have been placed.  Have a g...
Check your water temp.  While driving back from a family trip to Florida, I heard on the radion of a child burned in the bathtub.  It motivated me to create this message. A one-second exposure to 160° F water will result in third degree burns. When the water is 130° F, an approximate half-minute ...
In this image is a duct for a clothes dryer. As you can see it is in desperate need of being cleaned.Having too much lint build up is not only slows the flow of air, increases the drying time and increases the costs of drying your clothers. A build up of lint such as this is also a fire hazard. T...
Home inspectors are in an odd position when it comes to the home buying process.  Many believe that the home inspector can be the pickiest, most thorough inspector in the area, yet as a result of his thoroughness he can have several people irritated at him.  The real estate agent(s) and the home ...
Having consistent contact with your clients and past clients is important.  Past and current clients are a great source of referrals and more sales However the communications you have with them needs to be appropriate to the clients needs and interests.  If your message is not of interest to your...
The other day at a home inspection while traversing an attic. I squeezed through an opening to get to the other section of the attic. While there I saw what is imaged to the right. It is charred roof sheathing. It is charred because the gas water heater vent is disconnected and the exhaust is not...
The other night I recieved a phone call from a person I did an inspection for the week before.  He told that he was originally going send an email but decided to call me. He wanted to let me know that he realy appreciated the effort I put into the home inspection and the detail I put into it.  He...
Here is an article I recently got published.  I would love to hear what you have to say about it.
Roof inspections are an important part of the whole house inspection. That is why I try to walk every roof. Some roofs cannot be walked such as slate or too steep. The other day the slope on the rear of a house was 12/12, way too steep. The front part was walkable and good thing I did.The shingle...
Getting a steady stream of new clients is a key concern of anyone who is in business.  Often that responsibility falls upon the owner/operator who has to juggle the tasks of management, technician and marketing their business. Large amounts of time and expense can be spent on locating and then se...

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