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During the course of inspecting homes much of the concerns I have come across are due to "handy homeowner" improvements. One inspection the past owner must have been the luckiest man alive to have not electricuted himself. The image is of an outlet designed for indoor use mounted on a lightpole ...
It is that time of year again.  Time to set goals.  Of course you want the best things to happen for you but do you actually write your goals down? Writing down your goals is the best thing a person can do to make progress on attaining their goals.  This past year, despite the market, I still inc...
Everyone, here is a brief list of things to do to get your home ready for winter.  Do not use this information just for yourself.  Use it as a reason to stay in touch with past clients,  past clients need to know that you are still around and that you care in order for them to be able to refer ot...
This is a reminder to make sure everyone periodically (expecially after a wind storm) walk around your home and look for damage.  This helps you catch issues early before more damage can be done. Jim Troth Habitation Investigation LLC http://www.homeinspectionsinohio.com  
After a storm, especially after the wind we had yesterday, it is important to check your home for damage.  Walk around the house checking out the siding, gutters and the roof.  If you cannot get a good view of the roof, then you should climb on to the roof so you can better inspect the shingles a...
After you have made a sale or met someone, what do you do so that they never forget you? If you say nothing or not much then your referrals form past clients probably suck.   You should stay in touch so that you are not only forming relationships but you will the first person thought of when the ...
Hopefully you looked at your gutters during a storm to see if they were clogged.  The need periodic cleaning.  Time to check before the next rain storm appears.   For more go to http://www.homeinspectionsinohio.com  and click the link titled "Gutters"
Three Keys for people to do business with you, they need to Know you Like you and trust you   Without any one of these things and your odds go way down.  Referrals are great because a referral gives you an instant boost in being known Liked (a friend of Bob is a friend of mine) and in being trust...
 With all the snow we recieved last week in Ohio and the rain that is coming best if everyone checked to make sure your sump pumps are working.Checking will only take a few minutes and be well worth it.Sumps should be checked periodically anyway. 
Just a short note to remind others to set goals for themselves.  An important step that is often neglected is writting down your goals and then displaying those goals in a place where they are seen everyday.  Doing this is a constant reminder of what you are working on and will leave an "imprint"...

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