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We have been exposed to unremitting bad news for so long that I have almost become numb to it.   The bad news has been global in its extent and intensely personal in its impact. The horrible suffering of the Japanese people, the phone call from an agent at my office who had just lost his family h...
As I go about my day, it is common for me to talk with people who used to be in the industry.  How often have we heard someone comment, "I used to be in real estate, but it was just too cut-throat, so I got out..."   That comment has always puzzled me.  That has never been my experience.  I don't...
Appraisals are usually done to assure the bank that if they have to foreclose, they won't loose money on the deal.  At least, that is the theory. In the current foreclosure environment, the appraisal done at the time the note was new is small comfort to the lender now.  That is a totally differen...
The Green Spot Market & Fuel is a convenience store but with a difference. Located just east of White Rock Lake, in Old Lake Highlands, they sell  snacks and such just like every other convenience store.  The difference?  All their inventory is standard health-food-store brands.  And I was told t...
Everything worth having take time to acquire.  Everything worth doing requires thought, preparation and planning.  The things that develop quickly are either not good (think fire, explosions, dog bites) or they don't last.  And, if something is moving too quickly for my comfort, I have an absolut...
I was showing a really great property yesterday up in Frisco, a property in a subdivision where all the lots are acreage.  Each house had lots of pasture land and trees, plenty of cover for wildlife and birds.  Driving back, I spotted the first Sissortail Flycatcher of the season.  For me, seeing...
I had some banking business to do this week, so I was sitting with a banker while he did some stuff on his computer.  As you know, things at the bank always take twice as long as you expect.  So, I am sitting there, thinking about things, looking for details to focus on as a way to occupy my mind...
It really has been an unusual week.  Let me tell you about the most unusual thing I have had happen at a listing appointment, ever.  It happened this week. The property was a condo in a gated complex.  The property owner met me in the parking lot and walked me up to her unit.  As we stood outside...
As of today I have a brand new and novel excuse for why we were late to the closing.  Here is what happened... My seller is old, in poor condition, on oxygen.  Her spouse isn't familiar with the city and didn't think he could find the title company.  I told her No Problem, I'll just come get you....
If you are in this business long enough, it was bound to happen.  I got to ask someone for The Kitchen Sink in a deal.  Here is what happened. I have had a listing for a long time, a wonderful home in a local historic district.  All homes have 5 structural systems (foundation, roof, wiring, plumb...

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