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When it's time to put your house on the market, I believe one of the biggest "bang for your buck" improvements a seller can make is contained in a simple can of paint!  I believe it's so important that I tend to recommend painting first, even if it means there is no money left in the budget for m...
I recently asked the question What Would You Do In This Space?  about a dark, paneled space that I encouraged the sellers to paint.  Thankfully they were on board with that recommendation.  I staged the room as I originally wanted, as a sitting room, not a dining space.  These pictures show the p...
Preparing your home for sale is a lot of work!  I'm sure sellers have heard this before, but it can never be said too much how important it is to have your home market ready.  Here's some tips to get you started!Curb Appeal:  The first impression when a buyer drives up to your home is critical!  ...
I just love all the opinions and advice you creative stagers here on AR have so here's another problem area I have to stage next week.  This is an attic space that was remodeled to make a large room.  I'm staging it as a family room, with sofa, etc. The first two pictures are of the room to the l...
Since I've been staging I'm proud to say that so far I haven't broken anything valuable belonging to a homeowner or had any other sort of mishaps (knock on wood).  Unfortunately, my luck isn't so good with my own stuff during staging days.  I've had a broken vase here or there.  That's not too ba...
145 days on the market.  40+ showings.  No offers!  Something was wrong.  The property seemed to be priced right and have a desirable location since it was getting traffic and being shown but something was obviously missing.  The listing agent saw another house Judy Heinrich Home Staging, LLC rec...
Last week I was fishing for ideas that I might not have thought about in my blog Love To Hear Your Suggestions.  Thought I'd post a couple of pictures of what I did.  I'd like to give credit to Sandra Hughesfor her suggestion of hanging 3 mirrors.  The mirrors were only 9.99 each at Walmart.  I l...
I have a somewhat vacant property coming up to stage and thought this would be a good opportunity to get some input.  Some of the details...  It's an old house.  The window treatments won't be coming down.  The Wingback chair is staying but not the worn small settee.  The rug might be going as we...
I know it has been talked about before, but you can't talk enough about the importance of a fresh coat of paint when selling your house.  It will make all the difference when marketing your house to potential buyers.   It's simple, inexpensive, and provides a much better first impression than a h...
A lot of the old homes I stage have decorative fireplaces in each room.  I suppose a long, long, time ago they might have worked.  But now they are not functional.  Sometimes the firebox is filled in or blocked off as well.  But usually the mantle and surround are still there.  The problem I run ...

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