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Something has been bothering me for a long time and I'm wondering if it's just me!  Am I letting my personal preferences and tastes get in the way?  Or maybe I'm right and it's time to put a stop once and for all to.... UGLY WINDOW TREATMENTS!  I can't tell you how many homes I've previewed with,...
Now that Gina has gotten all of our creative juices flowing with art ideas I thought I would share with you a more creative way to hang a group of smaller pictures for bigger impact.  I got sort of tired of seeing the same old "collage" of artwork hanging on walls and wanted to do something diffe...
Some time ago I ran into a problem with not having any decorative hand towels available in my inventory that matched the bath towels I was using and felt I really needed them to complete the look.  I didn't want to run out to the store so I cut a table runner in half and voila.... instant "hand t...
Yesterday I had the opportunity to give a presentation to a real estate office thanks to Carrie Gorsuch, a Realtor I met at an open house in December. Carrie was fantastic and made all the arrangements for me to come in and talk to agents in her office about my business.  Normally this would terr...
A couple weeks ago there were quite a few posts and chatter back and forth about marketing, what works, what doesn't, etc.  It got me thinking about ideas to try to stand out and make an impression when dropping by Realtors' offices instead of just dropping off my business cards to the receptioni...
Late last night I was looking through the new Costco Connection magazine I received in the mail and low and behold there on page 58 is an article about "Staging Your Home"  The prices quoted were much more realistic than the $10,000 budget Oprah had.  What a great opportunity for the staging indu...
This is my first bear with me -  I'm new to all this!  I was talking with a Realtor friend of mine today to get her opinions on various marketing ideas and she asked me if I ever thought about marketing to mortgage brokers as well as realtors.  Her thought being that its another person ...

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