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IN our state of Mississippi, we live in a hot, damp climate, so weep holes became building code in 2006. If you own a home that was built after 2006 and was built according to code, you have weep holes. These are slits in the brick mortar, every 5 or 6 feet around your home in the bottom brick, j...
We Realtors are trained to tell our seller clients what a good market price is for their property. In most cases, however, we are not licensed appraisers. But, what if the property is unusual and there are no comparables or not many comparables for it? Or what if it has attributes which may or ma...
Just listed 2 fine homes on the Lake Caroline Golf Course. 299 Caroline Blvd.has the Golf course in the back and Lake in the front. It is 3550 sq ft with 6 bedrooms. 355 Caroline Blvd is 2800 sq ft with a HUGE screened porch with outdoor fireplace and outdoor kitchen. Real Estate Partners is prou...
For those of you who have bought a new home in the past 4 or 5 years and have a building code, similar to ours in Mississippi, you have somrthing called "Arc fault preventers" in your electrical sub panel. These are little yellow buttons on the breakers that go to your bedrooms. The purpose of th...
Pricing your home to sell is not an exact science, but it is an art. If you have an experienced Realtor, they'll tell you where you need to be, price wise. If the public preceives your price as being to high, nobody is in a hurry to buy it. If it is too low, you won't get your full value. Some se...
Most people look for their next home on the internet. There are several great and not so great websites. is one of my suggestions to start. Now, the majority of people who surf the net are not looking for an agent. Their looking for homes. They are doing it backwards.When people are t...
 This blog is a follow up to the one that I did yesterday. A question has come up and, since it comes up on a regular basis, I thought it wise to discuss it in my blog. Many buyers, especially first time home buyers get really upset when they receive calls and/or emails from their mortgage co., a...
Ok, so you have performed all of the preliminary steps on the closing process. You have made your mortgage application and received an approval, based on certain conditions. You've hired a good Realtor and you've found your next home. You've been through the home inspection process and the apprai...
Many of you have seen me post on this subject before, however, it is one of the most important things that a home buyer/owner should be aware of. I'm not an engineer, so I'm not qualified as such, but in my 20+ years in real estate, I've witnessed several problems caused by poor drainage. Now, th...
Many of you know that about 50% of my business is new construction. In my part of the country, we are faced with construction cost increases that we have not seen since Hurricane Katrina, many years ago. These cost increases are created by the tarriffs placed on building materials, the shortage o...

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