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several years ago, a Realtor friend called me to tell me that she had listed a home for some former clients of mine. They called her because, even though they thought the world of me,they thought that I was too busy to handle their needs. This was a wake up call for me. Nothing will kill a thrivi...
As Realtors, our results are not necessarily from the information that we give,but from the questions that we ask. If it has a stove/ oven in the room, it must be a kitchen. If it has a tub or shower, it must be a bathroom. No need to point this out.   We need to know how to ask the right questio...
several times lately, I have received several offers that didn't pan out. When I asked the other Realtor how they arrived at their offer figure, they said that the buyer came up with that number. Well, in my experience, there are two scenarios that always show themselves:1) the price that the buy...
As I understand,the new rules for closings, that were supposed to take effect Aug. 1st, 2015, have been postponed a couple of months. No matter, it's coming. The days of 30 day closings will be over. It will be 60 days, if we're lucky. The closing settlement statement will be simpler, but that's ...
  Steve Houck ·   Buyer/ seller myth #12. "I don't have a thing to worry about, I got a termite certificate when I bought my house". Guys, a termite certificate will probably say that you don't have termites or termite damage, as of now. If there are termites or previous termite damage, then it ...
" I can buy my home with an unfinished bonus room or unfinished flooring and finish it myself later"If you are a professional tradesman, this may be true, but watch out! I ran into a couple who had purchased a home from a very good, reliable builder. It had an unfinished bonus room, which, they l...
Home buyer myth #5 "I don't need to pay $325 for a professional home inspection. My uncle Charlie has had 5 houses built and knows everything about house. He'll look it over for me." First of all, very few real estate offices, if any will accept a report from anyone other than a licensed home ins...


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