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Most people look for their next home on the internet. There are several great and not so great websites. is one of my suggestions to start. Now, the majority of people who surf the net are not looking for an agent. Their looking for homes. They are doing it backwards.When people are t...
 This blog is a follow up to the one that I did yesterday. A question has come up and, since it comes up on a regular basis, I thought it wise to discuss it in my blog. Many buyers, especially first time home buyers get really upset when they receive calls and/or emails from their mortgage co., a...
Ok, so you have performed all of the preliminary steps on the closing process. You have made your mortgage application and received an approval, based on certain conditions. You've hired a good Realtor and you've found your next home. You've been through the home inspection process and the apprai...
Many of you have seen me post on this subject before, however, it is one of the most important things that a home buyer/owner should be aware of. I'm not an engineer, so I'm not qualified as such, but in my 20+ years in real estate, I've witnessed several problems caused by poor drainage. Now, th...

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