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We in Mississippi, like many other parts of the country are experiencing a drought. I learned about one of the side effects that I want to pass on to you. I received a call from a neighbor of one of my listings, saying that there was a leak in the front yard between the meter and the house. Obvio...
" I read somewhere that I should always offer 5% under list".Boy, how many times have I heard this? Either "Uncle John" told them this, because "Uncle John" has bought 10 houses before. Ok. What if the home is listed 8% over market value? Then you paid too much! What if it is in a hot market and ...
As most of you who know me know, A large part of my business is new construction. There is a falasy out there that I would like to shed some light on.   Kirkland development, the builder that I represent, finishes all of there bonus rooms during construction. There is a simple reason for that. If...
Ok. The election is over. Rates are at record low levels. They will not stay low long, according to what I hear. It's the perfect time to move! Yes, I know, the holidays are upon us, but that too will go away. It's time to get a Real Estate professional to analyze your current home, to tell you w...
Those of you who know me , know that I was a one man shop for awhile. After a couple of months, I now have 5 agents and I am very proud of everyone of them! There are several rules that I require them to abide by:1) Answer your phone!( now i understand that that is not always possible, but let yo...
I have been blessed to have several sharp new agents coming to work with me. Where do they their leads to start off? From my listings . Our prices for our current listings start at $123,900 and go to a million and everything in between . Now, I know, in many areas, there is no such thing as listi...
I was speaking to several bright new agents who are trying to get started on the right foot. I commented that every buyer has different needs. In order to fill those needs, we, as their agents, have to determine the best choices within their budget. Many times , the buyers themselves don't unders...
Anybody who has even considered buying a new home needs to act now!. With 30 year fixed rates hovering in the mid 3's and 15 year rates even lower, this is prime buying opportunity. At the risk of sounding like a used car salesman, these rates will not last and we will not see these low rates aga...
I recently hired a new agent, so, I was in the process of training him to do things the way I feel they should be done. One of the first things that I told him is that nobody wants to be "sold" anything. This got me to thinking about what a valuable lesson this is. As Realtors, it is our job to s...
These styles are the ones that are way and above the most popular styles for new construction in our part of the country. They have been for quite some time and their popularity shows no sign of declining. There have been a couple of attempts by developers locally to try other styles with siding,...

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