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People, in general, are obsessed with square footage numbers. And why not? Appraisers go by dollars per square foot, as do we Realtors and mortgage companies. If 2 homes are in the same neighborhood, built at the same time and have the same square footage, even if one has 25,000 more upgrades, ch...
"I was told that I could get a 2.75% mortgage from this lender"You can get this rate from any lender. That is if you pay enough discount points and origination fees. (That is in the fine print) I get letters in the mail from lenders offering the low rates. People outside of the business may not k...
How much is my home worth? The Jones', down the street sold their's for 450k, so mine should go for about that. How does your home relate to the Jones' home? Is it the same size? Does it have a 3 car garage like theirs? Was it built about the same time? Does it have the same updates and amenities...
Winter is here again with all of it's ravages, even here, in the south. We must remind our clients to leave faucets dripping at night, when it is the coldest. I talked on this subject last year, but we are back again. Those who have the old copper systems: copper breaks, when frozen and thawed ou...
The Internet and its vast access to information is a great help to everyone , including those of us who practice Real Estate. There are, however, some pitfalls for potential buyers out there.   As is my policy,I will not mention any website or brand by name in a derogatory sense in a blog, but, I...
 I have truly enjoyed the Thanksgiving weekend. I answered several calls, emails and requests for information, but I gave this time to my family.   The thought has occurred to me throughout the weekend: " Do we tell our clients, customers and fellow agents how thankful we are for them?" Well, thi...
The word that evokes the deepest emotions with most people is the word "Mother", according to several studies. The second most emotional word in the English language is "Home". So, "Home" stirs emotion in people everywhere .   Our job , as Realtors, is to satisfy this emotion, but, also, to bring...
   Outdoor kitchens, along with outdoor fireplaces, outdoor rugs, outdoor curtains, have become extremely popular in our area. The outdoor furniture that people are buying is no longer folding lawn chairs, wrought iron, etc. our patios have become an extra living room. We have T.V.s and stereo sy...
Madison MS New Homes for Sale-Stillhouse Creek- UpdateMadison MS New Homes for Sale-Two new homes are going up in our popular subdivision of Stillhouse Creek.  100 (Lot 240) Kristen Cv                                              102 (Lot 239) Kristen Cv Work is in process and just getting starte...
Luxury 6/5 1/2 Home for Sale in Madison MS-Reunion Subdivision - This home for sale sits in the family friendly Reunion subdivison and you could take advantage of all that Reunion has to offer in amenities.  Your children would attend the award winning Madison MS schools.  At 114 Langdon Dr it wo...

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