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This weekend was the first of 2 weekends of our local parade of homes. It was a blast for me! I talked to over 100 couples who were looking for their new dream home. It is interesting to see the similarities in their searches.  They are all looking for open plans. They are all looking for large c...
3/2 1/2 Luxury Home for Sale-Madison MS-Lost Rabbit Subdivision - This find is reminiscent of old New Orleans French Quarter residences, with 21st century amenities. 104 LaSalle St, Madison, MSThis Luxury 3/2 1/2 Home for Sale is an open plan with a gas fireplace in the family room and 12' ceilin...
6/5 1/2 Dream Home for Sale in Madison MS-Reunion Subdivision A dream home for sale nestled in the fabulous community of Reunion. Reunion has wonderful amenities for homeowners.  This dream home for sale that backs up to Chapel of the Cross property and walking trails. REUNION SUBDIVISION114 Lang...
I have a plaque on my office wall with a quote from Zig Ziglar that I coined many years ago: " You can get anything you want in life if you help enough people get what they want".  That pretty much sums it up.  Nobody said it was going to be easy. Many people don't understand what amenities are a...
It's been a hard few months. Not because there were not many buyers, the opposite is true! It's because there has been a shortage of lots on which to build. For those of you in other parts of the country, Madison county , Ms. Is in such a demand due to low taxes, extremely low crime and a very hi...
In Madison County, Ms., Stillhouse Creek is one of the most popular subdivisions, partly due to the very highly ranked school system, low taxes, location and the price range, 260k to 290k. For months, I have been sold out of new homes in there, the new phase was not ready. Due to the popularity o...
We are fast approaching Oct. 2015, which means that the closing process, as we know it, will dramatically change. Never fear, guys! We made it through the Jan. 1, 2010 changes and we will make it through this one. Once again, what is good in theory may be a cluster in practice. What does it mean?...
I have touched on this subject before, but, feel that it needs to be addressed more fully. First, everyone gets advice from Uncle Bill and all of these countless online advisors, but the truth is, the only person who can advise you on your offer is your Realtor.   " I read somewhere that you shou...
It has come to my attention, after talking with many potential buyers, that the general public doesn't know how to shop for a mortgage loan. Most people will ask "what interest rate are you offering" and that is their only question. I don't know about you,but I am constantly getting junk mail off...
how many of us Realtors over look this ever growing market? There are more and more first time homebuyers in the market ever day. They need us more than any market segment. With the changes that are coming up, they will need us more. FSBO's will be just about gone, as they won't have a clue how t...

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