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The gourd looks pretty good too. Nothing like carving a pumpkin with a kid who has no idea why you are doing it Ignore the facial expression, there's no way that you could avoid enjoying something like carving punkins! I think he was just disappointed that it wasn't going to turn into pumpkin br...
It's generally accepted these days that spending huge amounts of money on upgrades for your home are not going to result in a good return on your hard earned cash when you are ready to sell. At the same time, doing nothing isn't the way to go either. Here are a few things that will earn you some ...
We're hearing a lot about first time buyers these days given the soon-to-expire tax credit but what about those of us who already have a house? Would you like another one? A bigger one? A fancier-schmancier one? Do you have two teenagers? Do you therefore long for a house with 3 bathrooms instead...
I couldn't have said it better myself. So I won't.These 10 Commandments home buyers must follow may seem like common sense to many. Buyers, however, can sometimes forget with all the excitement surrounding the buying of their new home. In the past couple of weeks, I have heard of two separate buy...
We've all seen the rotted-deck-fell-off-door-to-nowhere right? Oh, you haven't? Well, it's really not that uncommon unfortunately. What I have rarely seen is this particular crime against gravity. The second-floor-door-to-nowhere-for-no-reason. No, I have no idea what the big black chute is for. ...
Many new potential homeowners look at their monthly payment and think 'Hey! That's less than I'm paying for my apartment.' What they don't always consider is the added cost of having your own place. So what should you consider when you are making out your newly-house-proud budget? The obvious: P...
One of the things I end up talking about quite a bit as a buyer's agent is earnest money. So, Jules, who is Earnest? Earnest is the guy who whispers in the ear of the seller that you are 'earnest' in your intention to complete the purchase of their home. It's easy to sign a contract. After all, i...
A re-enactment of the conversation that led to the photograph you are about to see (fictionalized). Him: Hey Honeybear, I really want to reside the house but it's awful (sic) hard to cut around them (sic) windows. Her: So? Him: Well, I was thinkin'...what if we just cover up this here window? Won...
The previous owners of this house (YES, these are all from one house) have been convicted of 12 counts of crimes against doors. Please to enjoy: Now, I could be wrong, but I don't think any of those doors did anything to deserve that abuse. Of course, the floors probably didn't deserve to have th...
With foreclosures and other 'distressed' sales abounding these days you see a lot of listings with two little bitty words: AS IS So what does AS IS mean, Jules? It means that the seller doesn't want to hear you (or actually me, your agent) whine about all the little things that are wrong with the...

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