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We provide targeted, effective and CONSISTENT marketing solutions and training for real estate professionals. Our goal at is to empower entreprenuers with the right tools for the right people at the right time! Join me!
Hint: Are You Staying in Touch with Your Customers?If you are like most Brokers, you are constantly reinforcing with your agents how important it is to stay in touch with their clients and potential customers. It’s one of the most important jobs for your agents, but according to NAR, one that mos...
How You Can Help Agents Succeed at a Higher LevelRecent NAR predictions state that nearly 70% of active real estate agents will exit the business over the next 5 – 10 years, most intending to simply walk away from thebusiness they have spent years building.  Of the agents that would like to sell ...
It’s About the Relationship!We are all bombarded with the message REALTORS® are now conveying to prospective and current Brokers…I can’t afford to… Pay Fees… Change Companies… Stay in the business… The honest truth is…they can’t afford not to.What we have to acknowledge and embrace in the world o...
Because They WORK! Lumpy letters are a great way to get your correspondence to potential recruits OPENED, NOTICED and TALKED about because they are different, stand out, and include something in the envelope that is bulky so it piques the curiosity of the agent and makes them want to OPEN it to s...
Recruiting Secrets to Stay AHEAD of the CompetitionAre you looking to make some changes in your company ?  Change is GOOD, but properly timed change is GREAT!  We have all heard the saying; the only constant thing in life is change.  The same is true for your business.  Change is necessary and ne...
Hit the Ground Running With These StrategiesDo you need at least 10+ great agents this year?  What would that do to your bottom line?  We are coaching brokers and recruiters who easily hire 10+ agents every year!Here are the top 10 things you can do to hire 10 great agents. Talk to FIVE agents ev...
What You Need to Know First thing’s first.  Ask yourself – “Do I have what experienced agents are looking for?  How do I compare to my competition?” Experienced Agent Hot Button List:Let’s take a look at some key deciding points for experienced agents: Technology and Tech Support Advanced Trainin...
The Sum of Small Thingsby Julie EscobarThe market is bustling again in a lot of areas and competition is kicking into high gear.  One big secret to success is to stay top-of-mind with your book of business.  And while that doesn’t have to be a HARD process – it does need to be CONSISTENT.  That g...
Overcoming One of the Biggest Recruiting Hurdles Brokers Face Hands down, one of the biggest obstacles brokers have to kicking off their recruiting efforts is building the list.  It’s a little funny, because most of these same brokers would be first in line to teach their AGENTS the importance of...
An Interview with Branding Expert and Keynote Speaker Sima DahlBy Julie EscobarMarketing and branding yourself in today’s world is a whole new ball game from what it was even just a few years back.  That’s why we’ve invited Sima Dahl, one of the top speakers in the field of social selling, social...

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