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This week FHA issued a mortgagee letter to respond to declining markets. These changes go into effect for all FHA appraisals beginning April 1, 2009. This aligns the FHA appraisal requirements with FNMA which also requires new reporting as of April 1.   Appraisers are currently expected to note t...
As the news this week unfolded over the retention bonuses being paid to AIG executives I found myself becoming increasingly outraged. My outrage however, has not been directed over the bonuses being paid. This post is not about the merits of paying the bonuses.   No, rather my outrage is over: Th...
I confess that growing up I didn’t get the whole idea of St. Patrick’s Day. I suppose that growing up in the South and being Protestant probably had a lot to do with my apathy for this holiday.   I was vaguely aware that far off places like New York and Chicago had big celebrations, parades and s...
I recently completed a six part review the Homeowners Affordability and Stability Plan. In many of these posts, I mused about the Unintended Consequences that may be associated with elements of this plan.   As a disclaimer I must inform you this six part series was written between the time of the...
The news media reports tell you that home values have experienced the largest declines in many, many years. Has this become an obstacle in your decision for purchasing a home?   I can understand your anxiety. Who wants to purchase a home when you believe it will immediately decline in value?   Un...
I’ve been spending some time this morning reviewing the changes Facebookhas made to its business page application. I think I like what I see!   Essentially the Facebookbusiness page will have the same look and feel as your facebookuser page. Business pages will now have customizable tabs, which w...
The final component mentioned in the Stability section of the White House housing plan has a stated goal of supporting local communities. Information concerning this in the Executive Summary is, at best, sketchy. We will want to review the details, once they are released March 4th.   Strengthenin...

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