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We recently had to remove a deck that was built by others, and wasn't built to commercial code (yes, there are MANY differences between residential and commercial code).  Our first preference was to bring it up to commercial code, but we figured out that wasn't doable with some major steps having...
  Wrenn Home Improvements in Wake Forest, NC (with work in Wake Forest & Raleigh area) is seeking a full time or part time Handyman Assistant to work under the supervision of a Crew Leader. Positions for both full time or part time are for immediate employment with long term potential and advance...
This is straight from an email that came out today from the Town of Wake Forest.  It's good advice, especially for the elderly, on how to spot a scam. I will say there are a lot of legitimate small contractors that do not have labelled vans.  But they don't practice on the spot deals, and typical...
You have to admit it:  some contractors will leave you a little short of the quality work you desire, like this mailbox.  It may work, but is this really up to standards or better?  And do you like getting the mail at your kneecaps? To do the job right, it requires not only a knowledge of how thi...
Back for more, I am still finding funny things in inanimate objects.  It seems we can't help but make faces with the things we make! Is this an example of art imitating life (instead of life imitating art)?  Judge for yourselves, but either way, have a smile on me from these toothbrush holders at...
I was so upset they wouldn't deliver and install the batteries in my kid's toy.                              I mean, what kind of batteries do they mean if not AAA size batteries?  The sign clearly says "AAA Batteries Delivered and Installed". But alas, I had to go purchase them and install them ...
Most of the time, the multiple weather forecasts are similar.  They all seem to get their information from the same computer model.  Or the National Weather Service generates a forecast and the different weather stations and services just use that. But then again, maybe not. I went to look at the...
Whether you say 20-12 or two thousand twelve (or something else), it's a new year!  So here's to making it great, and a big hearty thanks to all those that made 2011 great for Wrenn Home Improvements:  our employees, our customers, and our vendors!  Thanks! We look forward to continued success an...
Signs are funny.  At least to me they can be. And recently we were working on a demo project locally where we removed an old wooden playgroud structure.   To my amusement, I saw this sign on the way out, and just had to get a picture of some of our workers in the background.        I'm pretty sur...
So below, I've posted two things that you can hope and strive for.  They sound the same, but written out, they mean QUITE different things.  It's a choice that hopefully, many of us will not have to make. But if faced with such a choice, I hope you can answer correctly.  And I encourage you, enun...

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