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It started snowing here yesterday evening, on Christmas.  We'd been awaiting it all day and wondering if it would make it.  It did, and before we went to bed we had a white Christmas.  The first one I've been a part of here in Wake Forest, and the first in this area since 1947!!  Here's what it l...
Ok, I like painters, at least some of them.  They make your house better looking and protect all that wood and cardboard, I mean hardboard siding.  (Yes, I have it on my house, too.)  They caulk things and make the gaps go away and keep water out of the house.  And that's a VERY GOOD THING. But h...
This is very difficult, so be careful if you try this at home. Especially notice the position of the hands. Be careful!
Little leaks are really big problems! A recent client (just outside of the Wake Forest/Raleigh, NC area) contacted us after they had an inspection done that found some water damage under the hall toilet.  It was pretty bad! We pulled back the vinyl...   ...and there was some damage!  Both to the ...
I'm seeing a disturbing trend out there in the home improvement/repair industry:  competition is skyrocketing and price for the work is dropping. Bruce Case, President of Case Institute of Remodeling, recently said that "...levels in competition have gone way up, frankly through the roof, which i...
Within the last year, I read a great book for entrepreneurs:  The E Myth Revisited Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It (Gerber).  I highly recommend it for any small business owner, especially if you are in your first 3 years of business.  It helped me change a lot about ...
OK, I admit it.  I'm writing this from inside.  I do have a laptop, but I hate taking a computer outside.  So I'll follow my own advice and go outside soon... But we have a 2 day reprieve from the 90s here in Wake Forest, NC, and I hope folks are enjoying it!  It feels like Fall, and I took the f...
I've been working on my own listing my business everywhere I can for the last several years.  I got a website done, and have been linking back to it from all these listings. I recently made a few discoveries, thanks to a friend, on where Google looks for your listing.  I was missing a lot of the ...
I had a customer call me today, and not actually for our services.  But to get a referral.  I love it! Everytime the phone rings with someone calling us to ask for a referral it means two things to me: They remember us!  We must have done good work and we're in their mind. They trust us!  This is...
I'm back from a week's vacation to Emerald Isle with my family.  It was a blast, and the kids loved playing in the surf.  Digging up mole crabs (sand fleas to some of you folks) and coquina clams was a blast as well! And now I'm back, and it's full throttle as if we never took a day off. Wow!  I'...

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