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100% financing is back AND we have a new 2nd Chance program for people who have had a recent foreclosure or short-sale.  We have set aside $30,000,000 to fund these programs.  They are available in Nevada only.  Borrowers with a credit score of 720 or higher can qualify for 100% financing if they...
Should Realtors and loan officers stop working for free?  There are very few people who work for free and even fewer who do so who don't intend to.  Realtors and loan officers are in that small group - and are probably the majority of that small group - when they work with people whose deals don'...
Yesterday I wrote a post about milk the commodity and how, for most people, the brand of milk doesn't matter, price does.  I then wrote about how high performance car companies like Aston Martin and Porsche (just to name two) use a variety of things to differentiate themselves and can then charge...
What brand of milk do you drink?  When you go to the store, do you go to a specific store because they carry the brand of milk you want?  Can you even really tell the difference from one brand to the next - assuming you are drinking what you like (non-fat, 1%, 2% or whole)?  Like other commoditie...
What is your Average HPT?  We have all seen the formulas - and many of us use them every year in our business plan - to calculate how many transactions we need to close in order to achieve our income goal for the year.  What I haven't seen is anything that breaks down the number of hours we spend...
I frequently analyze my activity to make sure that I am being productive, not just busy.  Many of us seem to get caught in the trap of equating being busy with being productive.  While it's true that we need to be prepared and being productive will mean that we are busy, being busy is not necessa...
During this holiday-oriented week I wanted to write a quick blog post regarding three things that are relevant at this time.  First of all the NMLS licensing takes effect January 1, 2011 and loan officers who aren't working for a national bank and haven't passed the NMLS test and completed the li...
We have all seen and been through a lot of changes in our related industries over the last three and a half years since the credit crisis put a stranglehold on the lending industry and sent the housing market spiraling downward.  Loan officers have arguably had the most change to their industry w...
Since November 12th the bond market and the mortgage-backed securities (MBS) market specifically have seen a lot of volitility with strong selling pressure.  There have been six big down days over this time, only two of which were isolated.  Conversely, the up days have been much smaller and the ...
In my opinion, this article from DSNews about home prices being 14-17% undervalued is good news.  If we can find potential clients who have a stable job, decent income and the assets for a down payment and closing costs, we should be better able to convince them that now is a great time to buy a ...

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