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Many of you who are reading this may have heard of "Think Big, Work Small" with Frank and Brian.  If you have, you may be aware that they are now doing short little strategy videos for Saturday and Carl White usually does those.  The video from this past Saturday had to do with your mindset - whi...
Here we are in December with the big holiday season closing in on us.  Soon we'll be inundated by company Christmas parties and other social gatherings and visits by family and friends from far away.  There will be lots of Christmas shopping to do and perhaps an equal amount of time spent on cook...
As I have met with lots of Realtors over the past few months promoting the benefits of the FHA 203(k) Streamline, I have noticed that there is a general (mis)perception that the FHA 203(k) Streamline is a difficult loan, a pain in the butt.  That may be the case for the full FHA 203(k), but not t...
 I just had a GE repairman come to my home yesterday to look at my freezer (Monogram) to diagnose what was wrong with the ice / water dispenser.  As I thought, the motherboard had gone bad.  For this 5 minute diagnosis (it may have been more like 3 minutes) we were charged a $75 trip fee.  We wer...
For a while now I have been touting the greatness of the FHA 203(k) Streamline loan.  As a reminder, some of the benefits include 1) less competition for the buyer on houses that wouldn't otherwise qualify for regular FHA financing, 2) buyers can customize the house to their liking making the end...
In my neck of the woods (I mean desert), I hear Realtors complaining all the time about how many offers they have to right for the same client and how many other offers they are up against on every home.  I feel their pain as well as the frustrations of the potential homeowners who continually lo...
Let me preface my remarks by saying how proud I am of both of my children; my daughter is going into 8th grade and has honors classes across the board.  She's received less than an A on two occasions in her life; she is a very good swimmer, and she is becoming a good musician on the flute and pia...
In Nevada, the laws clearly favor the financial institutions when it comes to foreclosures and short sales with regard to deficiency judgments.  Here is the law:   NRS 40.455  Deficiency judgment: Award to judgment creditor or beneficiary of deed of trust; exceptions.       1.  Except as otherwis...
A couple of months ago my wife heard an ad on talk radio about the Bank of America Home Ownership Centers that Senator Reid worked with Brian Moynihan (President and CEO of B of A) to establish.  I worked for Bank of America from March of 2009 through October of 2009 and had heard they were in th...
I had the opportunity to attend the funeral of the father of my best friend from back in my high school days (that's quite a while ago, now).  Having grown up in Connecticut and living in Las Vegas now, I was able to see many old friends at the funeral in St. George, UT.   The deceased, Don Stahe...

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