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The forecast tract for the past several days for Tropical Storm Alex has been very consistent.  Fortunately it doesn't seem as if it will came any where near me.  The storm may reach a cat 2 strength before making landfall near South Padre Island Texas.  What is my point. With the renewal of Amer...
Looking to have your home treated for termites?  Looking for a reputable and reliable company.  Give Herman Mancuso a call at H&M pest control.  He has been in the business for 46 years.  They serve all of metro New Orleans. I have used them for over 14 years myself and never had a problem.  Any ...
Confederate Hibiscus
A client of mine finally received a letter from the IRS approving him the $8,000 first time home buyers tax credit.  It only took nine months and document after document.  He lost his house in 2005 to Katrina and it was torn down the same year.  He furnished one document after another and finally...
One of the homes I have under contract was inspected last week for termites.  I personally saw the live termites on the front side of the garage.  I faxed a copy of the termite certificate to the listing agent and promptly told her where we found them. Today I get an email from her stating there ...
I wonder what Harry Reid is going to tell his constituents when they wake up today and find they have more unemployment than Michigan.  One of the Presidents point men who stuck his neck way out for him I think will get it chopped off this November.  I think he should just resign now.  But he won...
I know everyone has had the client from hell, demanding and just a pain in the you know what.  But today I had enough of not only a demanding client but a rude one at that.  One that raises his voice on the phone, cuts you off in mid conversation and just plain rude. What finally broke the camels...
What do you mean no one wants to buy homes or is able.  We have plenty for sale look at my latest client.  Moved right in with four babies and never needed a credit check or even a loan for that matter.  Yes sir this chick has it going on.  Paid with cash, and we all know cash is king.  What a sh...
I managed to take a picture of what I believe to be a swallowtail butterfly this past Friday.  My ferocious Labrador Retriever was trying to eat the poor thing and I don't think it had a clue.  It kept landing on my orange trees.  Maybe this is a good omen for my trees this fall?  Looking for Hom...

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